How to Use a CBD Vape Kit

use a cbd vape kit

Vaping has gained popularity since the introduction of e-cigarettes, created by Hon Lik in 2003. Tobacco companies made millions over the years as new models emerged. Users showed a passionate relationship with the alternative form of cigarette smoking, propelling the introduction of vape pens. Unlike e-cigarettes, vape pens offer higher potency, durability, and sleek designs.

The market swarmed with more users as the product offered better utility than other nicotine replacement items.

Smoking is quite a common habit, and the number of cannabis smokers has risen with time. Scientists conducted studies on the benefits of cannabidiol to humans, and the conclusions are positive. CBD joints or blunts are more popular than other products because the effects take several minutes to kick in. Legal cannabis containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) should be 0.3% or lower.

As vaping became more popular, especially among the youth, CBD manufacturers decided to venture into vape pens to entice customers. As predicted, the vape pen was an instant hit in the industry. Although unnecessary for beginners, you can find one at CBD vape kit near me if you are looking for a more refined experience. However, it is best to ease into it, don’t commit before knowing what you like and how various products work for you.

CBD Vape Pen Kit

The kit contains:

CBD Cartridge

It is a stainless steel built tank with a ceramic coil, and is covered with glass. The cartridge has different sizes and designs and can be disposable (has no use once over) or refillable (reusable after it’s finished). Moderate cartridges should have a coil resistance of more than 0.1 ohms for better flow.

Some cartridges have adjustable wattage, always use the lowest temperature and avoid extremely high ones. The right temperature is 210°C, and higher temperatures destroy CBD oil by producing carcinogens. The main mode of operation is a battery thread.

What you need to look out for in a cartridge:

Strain: they have different strains of cannabis that offer different effects, such as relaxation, anxiety or sleep. The strain also determines the potency rate.

Volume: The volume determines how much CBD juice it can hold and affects the number of puffs.

Compatibility: Different cartridges have different battery thread compatibility; the most common is a 510- thread.

CBD E-liquid

Vape juice is the most important ingredient. The liquid is prefilled in a cartridge, and you can add when using a refillable one. The juice contains CBD, THC and other ingredients, such as fruity flavours. Vape e-liquids containing vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) may cause harmful side effects, so be keen on the levels.

The amount required depends on the volume of the cartridge. Vaping has a high absorption rate, but the type of CBD oil pen kit determines the potency. There are three main types are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates.


Batteries provide the energy required for the coils in the cartridge to heat the oil. Once the oil is heated, it vaporizes to produce inhaled smoke. It is delivered directly to the bloodstream for a fast reaction. The battery’s capacity determines the long-lasting charge and better control of temperatures.

Some brands include LED lights to show the battery levels to let you know when to recharge the lithium batteries. A USB cable is included in the kit. Disposable pens have inbuilt batteries that require no charging.

CBD Vape Pen

It resembles a cylinder structure the size of a pen that holds the cartridge, vape juice and batteries and has a mouthpiece to enable smoking. Not all vape kits include a pen, especially the refillable ones. The pens are discreet, portable, convenient, and leave no odour. Different brands, designs and colours make the CBD vape pen stand out more and add some class.

There are two types of vape pens:

Disposable: They have an inbuilt battery, cartridge and prefilled CBD vape juice. They are smaller in size and thus a lightweight, cheaper, and smaller number of puffs. They need to be replaced once the juice has run out.

Refillable: They have rechargeable batteries and a removable cartridge refilled with CBD e-liquid. They are slightly bigger than regular vape pens, expensive to buy but cheaper to maintain and have a large capacity that holds more puffs.

Having a CBD vape oil pen kit requires regular cleaning of the tools, tool maintenance, and a good time.

Benefits of CBD Vape Kit

Including vaping in your CBD regimen has the following benefits:

Higher CBD absorption rate

Different products vary in absorption rate due to the intake method. Products like edibles and tinctures offer up to 12% absorption rate, while other products have lower percentages. CBD offers a 56% rate dispensability to offer quality effects.

Fast to react

Smoking is the quickest way to induce cannabis effects on your body. Depending on the potency rate, two to three puffs are enough to take effect. Other products may take minutes or even hours to set in. Vaping provides a faster reaction to smoking CBD.


They are portable, easy to use, offer discretion, have no burning tingles, and are cost-effective. The popularity of vape pen kits has been attractive due to the convenience they bring to users. Some pens include state-of-the-art technology to enable a ” safe charging ” mode to prevent short circuits, over-discharge voltage or overheating.

Vaping also provides other CBD benefits like:

• Pain relief
• Anti-inflammatory properties
• Relief of anxiety and depression
• Insomnia
• Relief of neurological disorder symptoms
• Relaxation
• Appetite

Side effects of vaping

The benefits of vaping CBD outweigh the side effects; it is important to note that vaping may cause:

High intake of CBD

Owning a CBD oil pen kit may lead to higher dosages of CBD because of ease of use, and each puff may have different potency. It may not be easy to track the amount of dosage intake. Also, other factors affect your intake, like the concentration of endocannabinoid system (ECS), a natural CBD produced in the body, your metabolism, period of usage, body weight, and the reason for vaping.

Health side effects

Studies argue that vaping can cause serious harm to your body, especially the breathing system. Also, some vape kits may include ingredients like VG, PG, Lead, and other properties that can negatively affect your body.


Recent studies on the number of vaping people have soared where the youth take the lead. If not controlled by checking potency rate and vaping intervals, vaping can become a regular habit.

Before you begin vaping, it is advisable to consult a doctor to receive guidance and avoid underlying issues that might jeopardize your health.

Factors to Consider when Buying a CBD Vape Pen Kit

A vaping beginner or a person who wants to own a CBD pen kit may consider the following before making a purchase:

Type: Check whether the cartridge and pen are reusable or refillable. Both have different advantages, disadvantages and pricing. For beginners, a disposable would be beneficial to gauge the reception towards the product.

Material: what is used in making the product are important for your health, provide easier maintenance regiments, and better quality of the product.

Brand: different brands will offer a wide range of CBD products and various designs, flavours and colours.

Flavour: the different kinds of flavours offer access to a range of fruity flavours that guide you to your preferential taste, which enhances the smoking experience.

Price: depending on the CBD pen kit’s type, material, potency and strain, pricing will tend to vary. The pricing does not determine the quality or effectiveness of the product.


Smoking has become socially acceptable, and the popularity of new ways to smoke is sparked by a need to satisfy customer needs. Vaping has been in the industry for a couple of years and is making huge impacts on the market(both financially and health-wise). The main advantage of owning a CBD vape kit is overseeing your tools’ dosage, cleaning, and maintenance. Acquiring one may be expensive but cost-effective, especially for people vaping frequently. Give it a try today.

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