How to Pick up Vests for Emotional Support Animals?

vests for emotional support animals

The discussion of whether specially designed accessories for emotional support animals are needed is something people have been actively having for a long time now; even though they are not demanded to wear special products to demonstrate the status and the tasks they are meant to perform, still plenty of owners prefer using them anyway to avoid uncomfortable situations that may happen in public.

That’s why we believe it will be pretty helpful to know about an emotional support animal vest (cat, dog, and others, – it doesn’t matter). Continue reading to learn more about this useful item popular among ESA handlers.

Except for vests, pet owners also often choose other helpful accessories, such as an ESA collar, tag, leash, and others. You can pick the best ones according to your preferences and goals.

What Should You Know About the ESA Vests Sizing?

Even though Emotional Support Animal Vests are optional, and people are not obligated to buy them for their pets, still, many ESA handlers prefer having those to avoid uncomfortable situations and misunderstandings in public.

A harness for emotional support dog may look differently based on a person’s preferences and style: color, size, additional elements for decor – all of those may be picked according to one’s liking. Some creative individuals even add embroidery, so you are only limited by your imagination!

Another important thing you should think about when choosing the emotional support dog harness is, of course, sizing. When you are in public, your pet will probably spend most of their time wearing it, so making sure it’s not too tight and fits well is crucial. A few simple steps should be followed in order to make sure a vest sits nicely on a dog:

• Measure its girth. This one is essential when choosing an emotional support dog collar because the tightness of the item may affect a pet’s ability to swallow or even breathe. When the size is perfect, two fingers should fit between a dog’s body and the collar;

• Know the size around the middle. A real emotional support dog vest comes in different sizes, and thus it’s essential to know how chubby your four-legged friend is to pick a small, medium, or large vest size for them to wear;

• Height may also be important. The correct way to measure this parameter is from the paws to the head’s tip. It’s not among the essential ones, but sometimes it may be required (especially if the vest is custom-made), so it’s better to know how to measure everything correctly.

Even though people mainly discuss dogs as animals for emotional support, the truth is any animal can do this job as long as they provide comfort and help their owner feel more relaxed and less anxious. So, it doesn’t matter whether you choose a cat, parrot, or even a guinea pig – the main thing is for you to feel comforted and safe.

Why Do I Need a Vest for My Animal?

Even though accessories for emotional support animals are optional, and they can be designed and styled according to one’s liking, they are used not only for decorative purposes. The thing is, such item as an emotional support dog harness is quite helpful for disciplining the animal and keeping it safe, as well as demonstrating its status and your health conditions to people around you without the need to discuss any uncomfortable topics with strangers.

The chances of meeting resistance in public and seeing judgmental looks while trying to go somewhere with your ESA are much higher if people are unaware of his role in your life. That’s why we highly recommend purchasing a special vest with an ESA tag and feeling more confident outside in the world.

The main purpose of your emotional support pet is to make you feel comfortable and less anxious, and it can be quite tricky if there is a need to deal with negative people on top of already present mental health issues.

To Sum Up: How to Pick an ESA Vest?

An ESA vest is a helpful item that should be picked precisely for your animal to make sure they feel comfortable wearing it. As they will be using it most of the time while in public, perfect sizing is crucial; think about it, would you be pleased to wear smaller-sized shoes the whole day? Probably not.

So, don’t underestimate the importance of this product, and make sure to pick the one that is both suitable for your pet and your personal style. Stay safe!

Gretchen Walker
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