Virtual Offices in London Are an Entrance to the International Business

virtual offices in london

Due to modern technologies, the business sphere has reached a qualitatively new level of development. No one is surprised at the transition of an entire industry into the Global Web. Unlimited opportunities and comfort in doing business are quite important.

That’s why the services of a virtual office uk are also gaining momentum. This is not a novelty for entrepreneurs who spin in the money flow cycle for many years. And if we talk about international practice, here offices are a separate direction. And it involves a lot of financial assets.

Virtual office in the United Kingdom

As The Hoxton Mix says, the United Kingdom is a country of great potential for all who consider themselves far-sighted and feel promising places to anchor their business. Statistics show that in recent years there has been a real business boom.

According to the World Bank, which published a rating of states for ease of doing business, in 2018 the United Kingdom entered the top ten, ranking seventh among them.

It is this point on the map of Europe that has become attractive both for the young British themselves, 70% of whom do not refuse to try their hand in personal business, and for businessmen who chose this jurisdiction for international business.

The quality service provided by the consulting company will improve your communication and speed up the work process in the international field. Since 2002, a member of the Global Family Office Partnership of the UK has been providing services demanded by foreign visitors.

One of the areas concerns the opening, transfer, or business, as well as the registration of virtual offices. On the official website, you can see the details of the cooperation, contact the consultants and ask questions.

Who needs to open a virtual office

1. In general, these are tiny companies, like startups that are at the beginning of their development and want everything to be done quickly. While the possessor invests all the money in the development of the business or is busy with legal formalities, virtual offices are already working.

Like this, you can save costs not only on renting commercial space by directing all the funds to the real needs of an open business but also generate the serious company image with a mail and legal address in London.

2. In the same list, there are people who have registered a firm in their place of residence but want to have a legal address in the well-known business center of the Europeаn state.

3. Firm-footed companies and companies in need of subsidiaries, subsidiaries, or the opening of a London office also add to the customer base. This list is completed by companies that have distance employees on their employees. In this case, it is not necessary to have a full-fledged premise.

4. Mobile entrepreneurs are another popular category. They are business owners operating in different cities and countries. For this reason, they are not in the same place constantly, but during the absence of virtual offices reliably cover the rear.

Virtual office purpose

The crucial purpose chased by entrepreneurs is to join international requirements and develop the effect of a physical presence in the UK. In truth, you will get a virtual address in London. It’s a legal address in a prestigious neighborhood with a mailbox, a city phone line, and a foreign-language secretary. It will accept emails and other correspondence, including forward data to the particular contacts.

Likewise, it will be responsible for answering phone calls, using the instructions received from you. In this case, the regulations of the secretary you develop yourself.

If necessary, it is possible to rent hour-by-hour meeting rooms for meetings with clients and additionally order a website-business card, which will be the purpose of providing full information about your company and product. Still, this is not the end.

Virtual offices are also international certificates of quality themselves without any limitations relating to the distribution and removal of revenues, as well as the absence of accounting records. Your business will have many advantages.

Among them:

  • the chance of obtaining a license for a full-fledged activity;
  • green light for opening corporate and personal accounts in the bank;
  • resident visa for creators and their relatives;
  • doing business in the UK.

One important point is savings. Ordering such a service will allow you to save a lot of money that would have to be spent when shooting real square meters. This and the rent of premises, and payment of utilities and service offices.

And, of course, the maintenance of the secretary. Despite the fact that it will be a real person, his pay is about 60% lower than the employee working at your monthly salary. As well, there is no anxiety that they will suddenly quit or something else. The office secretary is ready to help its clients. If this proposal is new to you, explore numerous possibilities.

The cost and features of office organization are determined individually each time, due to the individual needs of the client, budgets, and the ability to provide part of services through our partner office, which will significantly reduce costs. You have the opportunity to choose both package and individual solutions depending on the needs of your business. You can already get acquainted with the cost of our services.

Summing it up

A virtual office with a legal address in the heart of London will ensure the company’s international reach. It will create the effect of the physical presence of the English company in the country of registration, will help to win the trust of partners, improve business communication, and simplify and accelerate the work in the international business field.

Virtual offices are important both for companies that create branches in the UK and just want to have contacts in London.

The virtual office in London is available to any legal entity anyhow of the position of registration.

The Hoxton Mix provides an extensive range of services that may be required by our customers in the process of immigration or business in the UK. And we also provide various support services such as a personal secretary, car provision for any class, personal security, a guide, etc.

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