Sex Therapy: What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You Daddy?

what does it mean when a girl calls you daddy

For a man to enjoy sex with his wife or girlfriend, he must be aroused both physically and mentally. That’s why a woman who understands how to please a man will caress your body while calling you all the sexy names on earth. One of the common names that your girl will call you when you are making love is “daddy”. But what does it mean when a girl calls you daddy?

What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You Daddy?


It’s not every day that your girl will call you daddy. So, when she does, it may come as a surprise, leaving you wondering what she means. The truth is that it could mean several things, especially if you are in a romantic relationship with her. Here are some of the reasons why she might call you daddy.

1. She Prefers to Call You Daddy

Sometimes your girl will call you daddy because she enjoys it. Maybe she likes the sound of it. This name is commonly used in romantic scenes in movies and TV shows. Therefore, your girl could be calling you daddy because she wants to emulate a romantic scene from her favorite movie.

Also, she may be calling you daddy because it’s her favorite pet name. Just like other common pet names, such as honey and baby, daddy is just another flattery term that some girls like to use to show their men love. So, she will use it both publicly and privately, especially when you are making love.

2. She Loves Porn

The term daddy is very common in porn films. It’s used by porn actresses as a sensual way of showing submission. So, if your girl loves watching porn, she’s likely going to emulate some of her favorite actresses. Therefore, if she has suddenly started calling you daddy, it’s good to check what she’s been watching.

She might have heard the name being used in porn and thought it was a sexy way of flirting with a man. Porn has influenced many things that people do when they’re making love.

So, how you feel about the idea of being in a relationship with a woman who watches porn depends on your overall opinion of the adult films. But before you accuse her of being immoral, you should be 100 percent sure that she’s watching adult films because it can easily ruin your relationship.

3. She Wants You to Be Dominant

As noted above, most porn actresses call their male counterparts daddy as a way of showing full submission. Even in real life, some men want to have full control of their women, especially during sex. So, the name daddy implies that the woman has fully surrendered herself to you, and therefore you can control her like a father controls his daughter.

This is not only meant to arouse you sexually but also get her in the mood. Some girls enjoy sex more when they are in full submission. So, this could be her way of arousing herself even more. If she calls you daddy in public, she could be telling you that she needs sex.

4. You’re a Father

If you already have a kid with her, she could be calling you daddy to imply that you are the father in the family. In this case, she could be addressing you like that to show the kids that you are the father. So, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a sexual connotation attached to it.

However, it’s important to emphasize that the name is normally used by someone with great affection for you. Therefore, it’s not common for a stranger or a girl who’s just getting to know you to address you like that. It’s commonly used by married women or girls who have dated for a considerable period.

5. She’s Happy to Be with You

A girl may call you daddy because she is happy to be with you and she sees you as her protector. It means she enjoys your protection like a daughter enjoys her father’s protection. But this doesn’t imply that she considers you her real father.

She calls you daddy because she believes you’ve taken over the role of safeguarding her in different situations, including protecting her heart. She wants you to make her feel comfortable and cared for. In short, you’re responsible for her.

6. You’re Powerful

It’s not a secret that most women are attracted to powerful men. They want to be associated with men who are financially secure and influential. So, you shouldn’t be surprised when your girl calls you daddy if you are powerful both financially and socially. The most important thing is to ensure that she calls you daddy out of affection and respect.

Is Calling Me Daddy a Red Flag?

Red Flag

The short answer is no. As mentioned above, you’ve nothing to worry about when your girl calls you daddy because it’s normally said out of love, affection, and respect. However, your interpretation of the pet name determines how you feel about it.

For instance, if you believe the name is only used by girls acting in porn films, you might feel uncomfortable when your fiancé addresses you like that, especially when having sex. But this varies from one man to another because there are men who find the name sexy and cute.

Another misconception about women who call their partners daddy is that they have daddy issues. But that isn’t the case because most of these ladies use it as a pet name to please their husbands. It’s also not true that being called daddy is a red flag.

As noted above, your girl can call you daddy because she’s fond of it or she feels safe with you. Remember that the primary role of a man in a relationship is to protect his woman and children. So, it’s not wrong for your girl to call you daddy if she enjoys your protection. It’s a compliment for being so loving and caring.

It also shows that she respects you enough to consider you her daddy. Therefore, you should see it as a positive sign of a healthy and positive relationship. Professional relationship therapists and psychologists argue that pet names indicate a functioning relationship.

Although your girl’s choice of pet name may seem peculiar to you, you should view it as a positive indicator because she uses it out of affection and love. So, if there are no problems in your relationship, you’ve no reason to see the use of the name “Daddy” as a red flag.

How to Respond When Your Girl Calls You Daddy


Since not many girls will call you daddy, you might be surprised when your girl addresses you like that, and lack the correct response. But you’re not alone. Many men don’t know what to say when their girls call them daddy because the name refers to a father.

But in slang, the term refers to someone asserting their authority over another in a fun and sexy way. In most cases, it refers to a powerful male lover. So, your woman will call you daddy because you satisfy her physical and emotional needs while treating her like your baby.

Since the name is used playfully, your response should also be playful and sexy. Here are some tips on how to respond when your girl calls you daddy.

1. Accepting It Gladly

Since you know that she calls you daddy because she loves you and views you as an amazing person, you should gladly accept the pet name. You can smile in acknowledgment to show her that you like it. Don’t look indifferent because you’ll hurt her feelings.

2. Calling Her Your Baby Girl

When she calls you daddy, respond immediately by calling her baby girl. It’s a perfect response that will drive her to the moon and back. Referring to her as a baby girl justifies her respect and affection for you, and it’ll build her trust in you.

3. Calling Her Your Naughty Princess

Every woman wants to be treated like a princess. So, when she calls you daddy, let her know that she is your princess. You can call her “my naughty princess” if she calls you daddy when you are making love or teasing each other.

4. Calling Her Your Angel

Angels are known to be extraordinarily beautiful and charming. This is a lovely pet name for your girlfriend. Whenever she calls you daddy, call her angel to make her feel amazing.

5. Calling Her Your Hunny Bunny

Calling her your Hunny bunny shows that she’s always on your mind. It also means that you love her so much that you’re willing to do anything for her.

6. Calling Her Mamacita

Mamacita is a Latin American nickname for a beautiful woman. Therefore, you can show your woman appreciation when she calls you daddy by referring to her as Mamacita or Mamasita.

7. Calling Her “My Love”

Calling your girl “my love” indicates that you love and adore her. A woman’s greatest desire is to know that you are willing to publicly declare your love for her.

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