The 8 Best Basketball Movies

basketball movies

There are lots of films about sports out there and as basketball is quite a popular sport, it is not a surprise there are plenty of films based around the game. Here is a list of 8 basketball-related films that are worth a watch for any fan.

1. The Way Back

Ben Affleck stars as an alcoholic construction worker who was a big basketball star in high school years ago but never lived up to his potential. He has a shot at redemption by returning to the high school to become the head coach of a team that is struggling while battling his own inner demons.

2. Semi-pro

Will Ferrell stars in this silly comedy about American Basketball Association team owner Jackie Moon of the Tropics, a team that is not doing well at all. Moon dreams of merging with the NBA but he needs to get his team to work together to become champions and prove their worth.

The film features Woody Harrelson as aging point guard Monix and Andre 3000 as skilled but selfish player Clarence “Coffee” Brown.

3. Like Mike

This cute fantasy film is about young orphan Calvin who finds a pair of shoes with the initials ‘M.J.’ written in them which give him exceptional skills of basketball after he and the shoes are struck by lightning. He believes the shoes once belonged to Michael Jordan and uses his new skills to try and get into the NBA.

4. Space Jam

This is a very popular 1996 film starring Michael Jordan who is thrust into the world of the Looney Tunes as they try to save themselves from being enslaved by the evil Mr. Swackhammer who owns a venue called Moron Mountain and wants the Looney Tunes characters to become part of his attractions.

They manage to convince him to engage in a basketball game against the Nerdlucks and if they win, they can keep their freedom. If you were betting on basketball, then choosing the team with Michael Jordan would be the way to go. They kidnap Michael Jordan and get him to help them practice and hopefully win the game.

5. Teen Wolf

Although not strictly a basketball movie, it does have some awesome scenes involving basketball, so that is why it is on the list. It follows average high school student Scott Howard (Michael J. Fox) who finds out he is a werewolf.

He unleashes his inner werewolf during a basketball match and is met with much popularity. He eventually wants to overcome using “the wolf” and try to be a normal person.

6. Coach Carter

Ken Carter is a newly appointed high school basketball coach who also values the importance of academic skills. When his overconfident team begins to wane in their classes, he benches the entire team until they show progress in their studies.

Not your average basketball film, but one with an inspiring message nonetheless and also based on a true story.

7. He Got Game

This film centers around Jesus Shuttlesworth who is a young, much sought after basketball player. Denzel Washington plays his father Jake Shuttlesworth who is in prison for killing Jesus’ mother. If he can convince Jesus to go to college, the warden has promised a reduced sentence. Will Jesus help his father?

8. Basketball

This is a different take on the basketball theme with South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone starring in this flick that mixes basketball with baseball. In the film, the sport was originally just a backyard game but caught the attention of sponsors who made it a big deal. It is funny and silly and a light-hearted romp.

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