What Is the Luxury Brand of Nissan? All You Need to Know

what is the luxury brand of nissan

Nissan is a Japanese-made company. While they mainly produce mid-range cars, they do have a line that focuses on luxury vehicles. Both are made from similar designs and materials, but the luxury brand usually has a few better features that make it stand out a bit more than the other models.

If you want to know what the luxury brand of Nissan is, and more information about both brands, then this article will help you to understand. You can learn what makes the differences between them, and some of the models available.

What Is the Luxury Brand of Nissan?


The luxury brand of Nissa is INFINITI. INFINITI started to sell its first line in 1989 in the United States. By the 2020s, they have 25 markets in various countries, including North America, the Middle East, and China. They have sold well over one million models.

The logo of INFINITI is meant to serve two meanings, with the first symbolizing Mount Fuji, and the second as a road extending forever on the horizon. Most of the time, INFINITI vehicles are made in Japan, but there are a couple of models that are made in places like Mexico and the US.

One model, the 1997 INFINITI QX4 was considered the first luxury midsize SUV available on the market. It was made in the United States.

When Was the INFINITI Brand Founded?

The first ideas for the INFINITI brand started in 1985. Nissan developed a top-secret task force, known as the Horizon Task Force. In 1987, the brand was given the name INFINITI.

However, the brand didn’t officially start selling until November 8, 1989. The first 51 stores located in the United States opened their doors all on the same day. At the time, they only had two models, which were the Q45 and the M30.

This was enough to quickly escalate them up to the industry leader in terms of customer experience.

What Kinds of Vehicles Does the Luxury Brand Have?


INFINITI doesn’t have a lot of different vehicle models. However, they put a lot of care and attention into the models they do have, which is one of the reasons they are considered so top-of-the-line and high-quality.

• Q50
• Q60
• QX50
• QX55
• QX60
• QX80
They specialize in four main types of cars. These are sedans, coupes, crossovers, and SUVs. They also have concept cars, which they are working on for the future. These are mostly electric vehicles.

The top concepts right now are the:

• QX60 Monograph, which is being released rather soon
• The QX Inspiration, which would be their first fully electric vehicle
• QS Inspiration, which would be their next step towards full electric, would be a sports sedan like never seen before

3 Differences Between INFINITI and Other Nissan Brands


There are three main differences between the INFINITI line and the other Nissan vehicles. While there are some minimal differences between them outside of these features, comfort, technology, and protection are the ones that people notice the most.

1. Comfort

Comfort is usually the most obvious difference between luxury vehicles and other ones. While these features have small differences in the mechanical level or the performance, they make the quality of life for the driver much nicer.

Some examples of added features installed primarily for comfort include wood trim pieces, leather upholstery, quality speakers, more electronics, and easier connection to entertainment systems.

2. Technology

One of the biggest differences between a regular vehicle and a luxury vehicle is the technology. INFINITI vehicles tend to be more technologically advanced. This includes the technology inside, like heated seats and steering wheels, but it also includes the engine and transmission.

Additionally, more luxury vehicles tend to have better driving options. For example, INFINITI cars are usually rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Most Nissans are front-wheel. While there are exceptions, such as the Nissan GT-R and the 370Z models, it tends to be a general guideline.

3. Protection

INFINITI offers better protection for buyers than Nissan does. This includes a better and longer warranty program.

Is INFINITI Better Than Nissan?

Across the board, INFINITI is considered much better than Nissan. Despite being made by the same company, and having a lot of the same features, INFINITI has much better mechanics, specifications, and technology.

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