91 Trivia Questions and Answers for Seniors That They Will Enjoy

trivia questions and answers for seniors

Trivia is a fun and simple way to get people to think and rely on memory. It can be a fun competition with prizes, or just a casual get-together. Not only is it fun, but it can also benefit the brain.

This is why it is used so often with seniors. So if you are looking for a simple event to host for seniors, or you just want to educate yourself, here are 91 trivia questions and answers for seniors to enjoy!

Why Trivia Questions?


Trivia has many benefits for people of all ages. However, they can be very beneficial for the elderly. This is because trivia has known effects on various aspects of mental health and memory.

Some benefits include:

• Helps with memory recall
• Higher cognitive function
• Increased creativity
• Better problem-solving kills
• More innovation
• Increased socialization opportunities
• Have a hobby
• Learn more
• Increased dopamine

Trivia is used particularly for seniors because of all the benefits it has on the brain. Many seniors are at risk for decreased memory and even diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Keeping their brains working helps to reduce the chances of these diseases occurring and promotes a healthy brain.

It also provides a benefit to keeping seniors busy and active. Once past retirement age, many seniors find themselves unsure of what to do. They will often sit in their homes all day. Trivia gives them the excitement of something new to learn, lets them meet new people, and keeps them in touch with friends.

While this is incredibly beneficial for those that are aging and are at risk for having memory problems and cognitive decline, anyone can benefit from trivia. Using multiple topics causes different parts of the brain to activate, so make sure you use a variety of different subjects for any trivia quiz you decide to host.

91 Trivia Questions and Answers for Seniors

Questions and Answers

Celebrity Trivia Questions

1. Who is the oldest actor in the world?
Answer: Branka Veselinovic.
2. What was the Beatles’ debut album called?
Answer: Please Please Me.
3. Who said “Play it again Sam” in Casablanca?
Answer: Humphrey Bogart.
4. The little girl in The Good Ship Lollipop was who?
Answer: Shirley Temple.
5. Who was the sexiest man alive in 1988?
Answer: Harrison Ford.
6. Who had a messy divorce with Brad Pitt?
Answer: Angelina Jolie.
7. The show ER gave which famous actor his big break in Hollywood?
Answer: George Clooney.
8. How was Bob Saget, star of Full House, found dead?
Answer: In his hotel room in Florida.
9. Taylor Hawkins was the drummer for which band?
Answer: Foo Fighters.
10. Willie Nelson won a Grammy for which song?
Answer: On the Road Again.
11. Who ordered a whiskey with ginger ale on the side in their first talkie?
Answer: Garbo.
12. Steve McQueen died in which country?
Answer: Mexico.
13. Who won an honorary Oscar at six years old?
Answer: Shirley Temple.
14. Tony Curtis said, “Kissing her is like kissing Hitler,” for which actress?
Answer: Marilyn Monroe.

Music Trivia Questions

15. Where did K-pop originate?
Answer: South Korea.
16. What 80s singer performed in shopping malls across the country and gained recognition for it?
Answer: Tiffany.
17. LL Cool J was the first rapper to receive what honor?
Answer: Kennedy Center Honors.
18. What kind of accident did Kanye West get into?
Answer: Car accident.
19. Who are the four Beatles?
Answer: Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.
20. Puff the Magic Dragon was sung by which trio?
Answer: Peter, Paul, and Mary.
21. What song let Patsy Cline get three standing ovations at Grand Ole Opry?
Answer: Crazy.
22. Elvis Presley’s first number-one song in the US was?
Answer: Stuck on You.
23. American Pie by Don McLean was number one for how many weeks in 1972?
Answer: 4.

History Trivia Questions

24. What is the oldest continuous-operation restaurant in the world and how long has it been active?
Answer: Sobrino de Botin in Madrid, Spain, is the oldest and has been open since 1725.
25. When were batteries invented?
Answer: 1800 for the first true battery.
26. What animal was ordered to be exterminated by Pope Gregory IX?
Answer: Cats.
27. What country in Asia is considered to have 7 out of 10 of the deadliest wars in history?
Answer: China.
28. Jack the Ripper was also known by what name?
Answer: The Whitechapel Murderer.
29. When was the Jamestown settlement established?
Answer: 1607.
30. What was the end of the Salem Witch Trials?
Answer: When the colony’s governor’s wife was accused.
31. Where was the Constitutional Convention held?
Answer: Philadelphia.
32. How many slaves were freed when the Civil War ended?
Answer: 3.9 million.
33. Which president in the US first was on TV?
Answer: Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
34. Who installed a basketball court in the White House?
Answer: President Barack Obama.
35. Which oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico killing workers and animals?
Answer: BP – British Petroleum.
36. Who was the first democratically elected president of Russia?
Answer: Boris Yeltsin.
37. What organization elects the 15 judges of the world court?
Answer: The United Nations.
38. In what war was the first jet plane shot down by another?
Answer: The Korean War.
39. Germany had an official state of emergency for which years?
Answer: 1933 to 1945.
40. What death did Henry VIII legalize?
Answer: Boiling.
41. The United Nations has troops known as what?
Answer: Blue helmets.

Science Trivia Questions

Science Trivia Questions

42. What color is “cerulean”?
Answer: A deep blue.
43. What is the word for animals that are most often active at dusk and dawn?
Answer: Crepuscular.
44. What is the color amaranth and where does the name come from?
Answer: A mix of pink and red, the name comes from Greek mythology for an everlasting flower on Mount Olympus.
45. How many muscles are in an elephant’s trunk?
Answer: 40,000.
46. What color is skobeloff?
Answer: A darker cyan or blue.
47. What color is wenge and where does the name come from?
Answer: A brownish gray, similar to espresso, the name comes from a legume tree in Central Africa.
48. What percent of all known animals are invertebrates?
Answer: 95%.
49. Gray foxes are the only canines that can do what?
Answer: Climb trees.
50. What is the tallest grass?
Answer: Bamboo.
51. How many elements are on the periodic table?
Answer: 118.
52. Babies have how many more bones than adults?
Answer: About 100.
53. Chalk is made from what?
Answer: Microscopic plankton fossils.
54. How tall does the Eiffel Tower grow in the summer?
Answer: 15 centimeters.
55. What foods cause flamingos to have their pink color?
Answer: Brine shrimp and blue-green algae.
56. What is the fastest fish found in the ocean so far?
Answer: Sailfish.
57. Which animal has fingerprints that very closely resemble that of a human?
Answer: Koala.
58. At what wind speed does a tropical storm turn into a hurricane?
Answer: 74 miles per hour.
59. What is the fastest land snake based on its strike speed?
Answer: Black Mamba.

Fashion Trivia Questions

60. Which supermodel broke her back in a horse riding accident?
Answer: Angie Everhart.
61. When were the world’s oldest jeans made?
Answer: 1879.
62. Who invented blue jeans?
Answer: Levi Strauss, founder of Levi.
63. Which nationality of noblewomen wore hairstyles shaped like ships?
Answer: The French.
64. What was the fashion period that ran from 1850 to 1870 and involved layering many skirts on top of each other?
Answer: Crinoline Period.
65. What fashion trend in Ancient Egypt was done to hide body odor?
Answer: Fat cones or hats on the head.
66. Which company made spacesuits worn by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong?
Answer: Playtex.
67. Vintage fashion refers to anything from before what decade?
Answer: The 1920s.
68. What were the first Doc Martens boots made from?
Answer: Rubber from old tires.
69. Winston Churchill popularized which hat?
Answer: The Homburg Hat.
70. When were clothes with zippers first created?
Answer: The 1930s.
71. Why did Fashion Week first originate?
Answer: As a distraction from war.
72. What is the largest store in the city of New York?
Answer: Macy’s.
73. Why did Napoleon start putting buttons on clothes?
Answer: To prevent people from comfortably wiping their noses.
74. Sneakers were invented and trademarked in what year?
Answer: 1917.
75. Which garment (excluding the loincloth) is considered the oldest?
Answer: Skirt.
76. Fish scales are used in which makeup?
Answer: Lipstick.

Sports Trivia Questions

77. A World Seniors Championship is an invitational tournament for seniors for which sport?
Answer: Snooker.
78. What three races do a horse have to win to earn the Triple Crown?
Answer: Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.
79. Which country hasn’t won any medals in the Summer Olympics, despite participating the most?
Answer: Liechtenstein.
80. Which team has played in every World Cup tournament for soccer?
Answer: Brazil.
81. Which two teams have the most Super Bowl wins?
Answer: Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots.
82. How many yards does Emmitt Smith from the Dallas Cowboys have?
Answer: 18,355.
83. What is the record for most home runs in a single season?
Answer: 73 home runs in 2001 by Barry Bonds.
84. What three numbers did Michael Jordan wear?
Answer: 12, 45, and 23.
85. Who has the most fouls in basketball?
Answer: Kareem Abdul.
86. How many dimples does the average golf ball have?
Answer: 336.
87. “Higher, Stronger, Faster, is the motto for which tournament?
Answer: The Olympics.
88. Jack Nicklaus has what nickname
Answer: The Golden Bear.
89. Which sport were women first allowed to enter into the modern Olympics?
Answer: Tennis.
90. Lou Gehrig first appeared on which cereal box?
Answer: Wheaties.
91. In an average baseball game, how many minutes of actual action are there?
Answer: 18 minutes.

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