How to Take Good Booty Pics: 6 Tricks You Should Know

how to take good booty pics

In 2021, butt selfies or “belfies” (yes, it’s a real word, and no, you won’t find it in a dictionary — yet) had taken over the social media platforms. A quick scroll through your newsfeed will show you that everyone enjoys a nice butt pic. But there’s one issue — the ideal belfies require a certain amount of expertise. That is why we have 6 tips on how to take good booty pics here, just for you!

Do you want to find out how to get the perfect angle, right lightning, and capture your amazing plumpness in the mirror selfie? Just keep reading!

Pump Your Glutes

The first tip on how to take good booty pics is to work your glutes. While getting ready to take a snap of your tushy, make sure to pump those glutes with a few rounds of exercises. Three to four sets of lunges, squats, and hip thrusts will make your backside look rounder and fuller.

Pick the Right Apparel


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You should wear anything that makes you feel sexy and confident. That being said, some pieces of clothes accentuate your booty better than others. For instance, high-waist jeans, tights, and scrunch bum leggings will do great for that big booty close-up. Just think well-fitting, shape-enhancing, and tush lifting, and you will be good to go.

If you want to achieve an even sexier look, lingerie is always a good option. Thongs and cheeky panties will spectacularly emphasize your curves.

Choose a Setting

It’s not the same when you post a belfie from your bathroom with a toilet showing in the background and a butt selfie with nothing but your gorgeous bottom to distract the viewers. So, choose a setting that fits the clothes you are wearing and where your ass will be the center of attention.

Mind Your Poses


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Honestly, the best belfie poses are uncomfortable — but also worth it. To get that common booty pic, position the hips away from the mirror, then rotate the upper part of your body toward it. That way, your bottom will take the spotlight.

Or you can bend over to make your rear hover above the phone. It’s a low-angle shot that makes your butt appear huge (in a good way). Another option is to “casually look over a shoulder”. Simply face opposite the mirror, raise your left leg, pop the foot, lean on the right hip, and glance over the shoulder.

Finally, you can take a belfie while kneeling or sitting with your legs apart. That works best for those whose booty is on the flatter side. Do it on a beach or by the swimming pool for a better effect. Just remember to bring someone to snap a pic for you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with every pose, even those you feel are not flattering. Simply have some fun practicing with different angles. That way, you will figure out what feels best and makes your posterior look bootylicious at the same time.

Know Your Lighting

Different lighting creates different effects. For example, bright and harsh light, such as from a flash, can make your curves look flat. It also casts dark shadows making uneven skin and cellulite more prominent.

If that’s not something you want, opt for soft, natural light. Simply open a window or have a photo session at sunrise because light at that hour is flattering and easy to work with. Or you can invest in some gadgets like a ring light.

Find a Good Filter

The right filter can make all the difference! Adding a shadow can help you highlight the curves. Ensuring the picture has equal proportions can help you emphasize the part you want (read, your backside). Or you can just use filters to edit out the heaps of laundry in the background.

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