M249 Skins in Counter-Strike 2: Prices and Design

M249 Skins in Counter Strike 2

CS2 is the long-awaited updated version of the famous computer game Counter-Strike. Users around the world are wondering what the new version will be: what will be new, and what will not be new at all. Today we want to note the changes to the M249, one of the most powerful machine guns presented in CS:GO.

M249 csgo has a high attack speed and an incredible supply of ammo. The M249 has a large magazine for cartridges, and is available to both the Terrorist team and special forces. Therefore, this weapon and skins for it are so popular. Let’s have a look at some.

M249 | System Lock

System Lock is one of the cheapest skins for this machine gun. The surface of this machine gun has black paint applied as a background. Red geometric patterns have been applied to the background, while the magazine and trigger guard are burgundy. This skin is very futuristic.

As you can see, the red paint has become even brighter, and the lines that separate the black from the red have become clearer and more expressive, which makes the geometry of the picture correct.

If we talk about the price of skins, they are as follows:

  • from $0.65 for Factory New;
  • from $0.30 for Minimal Wear;
  • from $0.16 for Field-Tested;
  • from $0.90 for Well-Worn;
  • from $0.12 for Battle-Scarred.

In the future, the skin may become 15–30% more expensive, because due to the affordable price, the skin is popular. There will always be demand for it, especially before the release of a new version.

Impact Drill

The Impact Drill skin has an unpainted butt stock, grip, and trigger. The entire receiver and adjacent parts are painted in a mixed color of blue and black. The magazine and barrel with the front sight are painted yellow.

In CS2, it is the yellow that becomes more saturated and noticeable. The stock and body are now clearly different in color, where previously it could be assumed that they were the same.

The cost of the skin starts from $1, so the possible growth for this skin in the future may be about $0.30.

Jungle DDPAT

On the surface of the skin, as you can see, a pixelated camouflage is applied, with shades of brown, green and dull green. The handle, trigger, sight, and stock remained unpainted.

In CS2, the skin also remains camouflage, but with a more saturated pattern. It really can be seen from afar that this is camouflage, and not just random paints of various types.

The cost of the skin starts from $1.30, and if we talk about the Factory New exterior, the price is from $22. Therefore, the possible growth is about $5–6, which makes it possible to make a profit in the future with an immediate purchase of the skin.

Moreover, the purchase of the skin and the subsequent sale can be made on the DMarket website. The platform provides low prices for skins, security of payments and fast withdrawal of real money to a personal account.

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