Game Shooters Worth Playing

game shooters worth playing

The world of game shooters is huge and attracts players with strong projects in which you can experience the whole drive from using weapons without leaving the room. Sets – a great variety and the war of the future and the classic clash of terrorists and special forces and fictional clashes of game characters.

What shooters are worth playing

• Destiny 2

Destiny 2

A vibrant MMO set in a futuristic shooter setting with a class and ability system, opportunities to travel through space, and tons of fun, shooting, and farming activities for all players.

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The Titan is a heavily armored warrior who loves close combat and uses skills to protect allies from close fire contact. According to lore, the titans founded the city and took an oath to protect it. A character for those who like to play for tanks and absorb the main damage by counterattacking with melee.

Warlock is a medium-range shooter with the ability to deal massive damage and set special zones that can give allies buffs and debuff enemies. According to lore, warlocks are sages who decided to devote their lives to gaining knowledge and fighting darkness. A kind of prototype of a magician from the world of fantasy MMO RPG.

The hunter is a long-range shooter. A mixture of sniper and dagger. The prototype of a special forces soldier from the MMO world. The Warrior covers his allies with ranged weapons.

According to the game lore, hunters are exiles from distant deserts who survived despite the conditions and went to the world of Destiny 2 fulfilling contracts and working for hire. Hunters have their own code of honor and a signature cloak given to each member of the class. According to the code of honor, for each hunter killed, a brother-in-arms must take his cape and complete his contract.

Things to do:


Explore game continents and planets, communicate with NPCs, contact other players, fight monsters.


Participate in various PvP activities to have fun, test equipment and earn coins that will be exchanged for improved equipment.


A type of activity for three people in which a group of players attack the positions of the boss and his retinue in order to obtain unique rewards and gold.


The most interesting activity in the game. A large squad of players is strictly selected according to the classes and quality of equipment, unite in a group and attack difficult bosses and their retinues. Often it is in such raids that the best equipment and weapons are obtained.


The classic and world-famous successor to the glory of CS 1.6. The famous confrontation between terrorists and special forces for control of the map, the accumulation of the economy, the struggle to plant and clear the bomb.

The game lasts up to 16 rounds won by one of the teams, after 15 rounds from the start there is a change of sides and the teams change places regardless of the result. 30 rounds maximum, followed by additional rounds if a winner needs to be established or a tie is declared.

Matchmaking is the most popular mode in CS:GO. It is played by the largest number of players from the community of the project. This is the most interesting and motivating mode, because it is here that game titles are awarded for victories and defeats, and the desire to become the best player forces players to play and play MM in order to increase ranks and gain gaming experience.

2×2 – mini matchmaking for four players. A maximum of 15 rounds is played up to 8 victories of one of the parties. Mode 2 has the main advantages – it’s the same matchmaking and there is an interest in raising the rank and the game takes place on truncated popular maps with one place to plant a bomb where you can practice assaulting defenders’ positions and work out the defense of key points.


Direct competitor of CS:GO from Riot Games. The developers have set themselves the goal of creating a good gaming shooter that will compete with Valve in the esports component.

It is eSports that is the key factor in the promotion of online games, and shooters in particular. Players get great pleasure and monetary rewards, gamers try to plunge into the general atmosphere and start playing, some make their way into eSports and continue their gaming path.

In Valorant, the mechanics of 5×5 battles are similar to CS GO, where teams do not have a key link to some special forces and terrorists.

The player chooses his character with unique skills – there is blocking of passages, AOE damage, reconnaissance of the area, acceleration.

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