The High Cost And Hassle of Repairing or Replacing Appliances

Cost And Hassle of Repairing or Replacing Appliances

We’ve become a nation dependent on our household appliances. And that’s not a bad thing; after all, it helps save time washing dishes, doing laundry, and staying warm and cool. So when a major appliance like your refrigerator, furnace, or washer unexpectedly breaks down, it’s not just a huge hassle; it can also be an expensive problem. A home warranty plan can save you money and headaches when an appliance fails.

Repairs and Replacements Can Cost Big Bucks

Even minor repairs on home systems and appliances can set you back hundreds of dollars in parts and labor costs. A new refrigerator or furnace? Count on spending anywhere from $500 to over $3,000. And if you don’t replace it quickly, you may have to pay for food spoilage, eat out more often, or wear dirty clothes. Plus you’ll deal with added headaches and lost time if you have to take off work to meet with technicians.

Warranties Only Cover So Much

You may think that manufacturer warranties protect you from expensive repairs, but most only last 1-5 years. And they usually only cover parts, not labor charges. So you’ll still pay hundreds out of pocket. Once that initial warranty runs out, you’re on your own when it comes to repair and replacement costs. The exception is CPSC-mandated warranties on some newer furnaces, but even those expire.

Home Warranty Plans

What this comes down to is that most homeowners need to find a home warranty company. An affordable home warranty plan helps manage the high cost and aggravation of unexpected system and appliance breakdowns. For one annual fee that averages $300-$700, depending on your location and coverage options, home warranty companies agree to repair or replace covered appliances and systems that malfunction due to normal wear and tear during the term of the policy.

Home warranties give you predictable protection on multiple home systems and appliances, from plumbing and electrical to your major appliances. Instead of scrambling to cough up $200-$2,000+ for parts and labor when something breaks, you pay a modest trade call fee, averaging $75 per service call. Some higher-tier plans even cover that fee for you.

Do Some Homework to Find the Best Plan

All home warranty companies are not created equal. You’ll also want to confirm the policy offers repair work for covered claims. Some weaker plans cap repair costs instead of actually fixing the problem, leaving you with little recourse.

A little research upfront can save you money and stress for years to come. Once purchased, all you have to do is contact your home warranty company when something breaks down—no looking up repair people, getting quotes and managing the process. They dispatch a qualified pro from their network and manage the repair or replacement for you. Now that type of service brings true peace of mind.

When home systems and appliances unexpectedly break down, the repair or replacement costs can strain your budget and leave you in a stressful bind. An affordable home warranty plan helps shoulder these unpredictable expenses so you can confidently manage costs long-term.

Do some advance legwork to choose a top-rated provider like American Home Shield for the coverage and service contractor network you deserve. Then relax, knowing help is just a phone call away if anything stops working properly.

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