Interpretation: What the Dream of Killing a Snake Means

dreaming of killing a snake

Some dreams are absolutely terrifying and confusing. However, not all terrifying dreams signify bad things in your life.

That’s why it’s important to look for the most accurate interpretation of your dream before you rush to any conclusion. This article tells you what the dream of killing a snake means.

What Do Snakes in Your Dreams Symbolize?


Snakes aren’t the most loved creatures on earth. That’s why it’s so terrifying to see snakes in your dream. Unfortunately, this dream is quite common. But what does the presence of a snake in your dream symbolize?

There are many aspects of a snake dream you need to consider when trying to figure out what it means. For instance, you need to consider the history, meaning, and role of snakes in different cultures. Here are some of the common meanings of seeing snakes in your dream.

Did It Frighten You?

If the snake in your dream frightened you, it could symbolize someone or a situation that you need to be wary about in real life. It could also represent a dangerous situation or person that you are currently dealing with in your life.

Did It Bite You?

If a snake bites you in a dream, it usually means that you need physical healing. That’s why you’ll see snake symbols in many hospital and pharmaceutical logos. Snakes are subconsciously equated with healing.

Was the Snake on You?

If the snake in your dream climbs around your head, hand, leg, or waist, it means that you need physical healing in that specific part of your body. In most cases, the snake is trying to point to an area in your body that needs balance and healing.

Is It Occurring Frequently?

If the snake keeps appearing in your dreams, it means there is a toxic situation or person that’s overwhelming you. This could be your husband, wife, or fiancé, especially if you started seeing the snake in your dreams after the person came into your life. If the frightening dream has been happening for a prolonged period, then you need to evaluate your life to see which toxic situation you may be dealing with.

Is It a Rattlesnake?

The breed of the snake appearing in your dreams matters a lot. Normally, a rattlesnake gives you a warning before striking. The rattle represents your instinct or a real-life warning sign you’ve been ignoring.

Is It a Garter Snake?

A garter snake is naturally harmless. So, a garter snake in your dream could signify a seemingly intimidating situation in your life that has already passed. It could also signify someone or a situation that you were afraid of at first but later realized wouldn’t harm you.

Was It in Your Bedroom?

Sometimes a snake in your dream could appear in areas where you suspect there’s a snake in real life. For instance, it could appear in your bedroom to signify someone you are intimate with like your spouse.

Was It at Work?

As mentioned above, the location of the snake in your dream is very important because it will point you in the right direction when trying to figure out what the dream means. A snake at your place of work could mean that you don’t trust your workmates, or you are facing a difficult situation at work.

Reasons Why You Dream About Killing Snakes

Killing Snakes

In some cultures, snakes are viewed as evil and devious creatures that should be avoided or eliminated at first sight. But in other cultures, this animal is held in very high regard because it represents rebirth, change, and restoration. So, there are many reasons why you could be killing snakes in your dreams.

For instance, you could be dreaming about killing a snake because you’ve been trying to suppress an overwhelming feeling. This could be a sexual desire or your personality that other people consider offensive and immoral. Another reason why you dream about killing snakes is that you are trying to reinvent yourself.

Sometimes you can find yourself killing a snake in your dream because you are in the process of disassociating yourself from a bad habit or person in your life. Sometimes it can also mean that you are trying to get rid of negative thoughts. Some dream interpreters associate this dream with victory over your enemies. Therefore, you could be killing a snake in your dream because you’ve recently enjoyed success over your enemies.

Different Scenarios and Meanings of Killing Snakes in a Dream


As noted above, not everything associated with snakes in a dream is uncanny and unpleasant. Therefore, before you start cursing and stressing yourself over your recent dream about killing snakes, you need to understand the different meanings and situations associated with this dream.

Killing a Snake with a Knife

If you kill a snake with a knife in your dream, it means that you are getting rid of your long-held fears and anxieties. For instance, if you are afraid of investing in a new business idea, this dream shows that the fear is gone and you are now enjoying a higher level of tranquility and resolve. If you have been sick and afraid of not making it, it means that the sickness is gone and you are on your way to full recovery.

Sometimes this dream could symbolize full recovery of your lost sexual potency. But if someone else kills the snake with a knife, it shows that you’ve been ignoring warning signs and such self-deception won’t give you peace.

Killing a Snake with s Shovel

If you find yourself killing a snake with a shovel in your dream, it means that you shouldn’t be very delicate or considerate when dealing with scheming and deceitful people in your life. Slaying many snakes with a shovel means that you’ll face many enemies in your life, but they won’t overpower you.

If you kill a black snake with a shovel in your house, it’s an unpleasant sign because it means there is a serious problem in your house. It could be a warning sign of an enemy inside your house that you need to get rid of. But if someone else kills the black snake, it shows that the problems you are having in your house will pass eventually.

A Woman Killing a Snake in Her House

If you are a woman and you dream of killing a snake in your house, it means that someone close to you will betray you soon. And if the snake was killed by someone else and you witnessed the killing, it means that you’ll offend someone close to you.

Killing a Snake in the Water

The dream of slaying a snake in the water signifies a positive mood. Probably, you have been having a bad mood for a long time and now the person or situation that made you mad is gone and the anger is settling.

How You Kill the Snake and What It Means


• Killing a snake with force – satisfying your desire.
• Killing a snake with a fork – receiving an unexpected gift.
• Killing a snake with a sledgehammer – arriving at an important event late.
• Killing a snake with a stone – completing your studies early.
• Killing several snakes with a sword – dealing with depression.
• Killing a snake with your bare hands – potential luck in your life.
• Killing a snake with your feet – facing humiliation at work.
• Killing several snakes with a saber – suffering from slight malaise.
• Killing several snakes with fire – reaching a mutual understanding with your parents.
• Killing a snake with an ax – experiencing physical fatigue.
• Killing a snake with a stick – feeling lonely.

How the Snake Looks Like and What It Means


• Killing a white snake – enjoying business success.
• Killing a blue snake – getting more profit.
• Killing a green snake – enjoying love and devotion in your relationship.
• Killing a brown snake – being satisfied with the results of your work.
• killing a yellow snake – reconciling with a colleague.
• Killing a pink snake – participating in a solemn event.
• Killing a gray snake – enjoying a harmonious relationship with your friend.
• Killing an orange snake – encounter with a faithful friend.
• Killing a red snake – developing a new hobby.
• Killing a long snake – implementing a creative project successfully.
• Killing a huge snake – acquiring a large amount of money.
• Killing a big snake – embarking on an interesting journey.
• Killing a two-headed snake – having a conflict with your competitors.
• Killing a venomous snake – getting a profitable offer from a client.
• Killing a small snake – experiencing joy.
• Killing a snake that bites your finger – becoming wealthy.
• Killing a giant snake – having fun with your friends.
• Killing a fat snake – getting more attention from someone of the opposite sex.

Lastly, the presence of a snake in your dream means you need to bind your energies. The interpretation of a dream about killing a snake varies according to the situation. It could be related to romance, finances, work, personality, or life in general.

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