The Games Attracting Plenty Of Attention In 2022

games attracting attention

With a plethora of highly anticipated gaming titles scheduled to release throughout the coming months, 2022 is shaping up to be another unmissable year for all major gaming releases across various platforms including next-gen and even popular gambling sites.

These are some of the best titles from 2022 so far including games that are among the most heavily anticipated releases throughout the upcoming few months of the year.

• Elden Ring

If there is any title that is making a strong case to take home this year’s game of the year award, Elden Ring might be the most coveted candidate in the early year listings.

Taking a keen inspiration from other popular third person action game titles such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Elden Ring is certainly a title that will frustrate players should your avatar reach their demise, but with solid combat gameplay and tremendous visual graphics, you will be further encouraged to keep on playing to your wit’s end.

The gameplay itself may be seen as being quite unforgiving for novice players but the overall experience is something that can only be described as a thrilling masterpiece for any eager gamers.

• God of War Ragnarök

Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated game of the entire calendar year is the scheduled release of the new title from Santa Monica’s legendary God of War franchise with the new title being labelled as ‘God of War: Ragnarök’.

The latest instalment will follow on from the timeline set in place by the award winning 2018 rendition of God of War for PS4 and will feature the debut of the God of Thunder, Thor, in what should be an epic battle between Odin and Kratos.

Every mainstream release of the fabled franchise has always been met with widespread praise and overlapping positive feedback, meaning there is high expectations ahead of the scheduled release of Ragnarök which is rumored to arrive before the end of the year.

• 9K Yeti

Online slots are a huge part of an online casino, and new releases are a huge part of attracting and retaining players. The 9K Yeti slot at DraftKings features a fierce yeti, who is hellbent on terrorizing climbers attempting Mount Everest. There are 6 reels and a staggering 4,096 winning variations. With an RTP of 97%, it’s slightly higher than the average of 96.5%, so you can expect to be collecting winnings on a regular basis.

The slot features a guaranteed win bonus round – the Snowstorm feature is only triggered on losing spins, when this happens, the symbols are shuffled and you just can’t lose!

What makes this game stand out from others is the bonus features that really enhance your winning potential. The guaranteed win feature is rarely seen, so take advantage of it!

• Gran Turismo 7

The latest instalment in the highly popular Gran Turismo series is already garnering respectable reviews from various outlets and is another fine edition to the long-lasting franchise.

The online racing events and gameplay are as enjoyable as ever and of great fun to participate in against friends and family as well as donning some of the best graphics and handling presented in the series so far.

While there may be a slight decline in the interest the series has taken towards its single player modes and garage customization, there are still a lot of enjoyable aspects of this game that leaves the seventh installment as a fine edition to the Gran Turismo franchise.

• Hogwarts Legacy

No matter what some sources may state, EA is still currently planning to continue developing a new Harry Potter title that will be focused on the RPG aspect of a Hogwarts Student.

This is a concept that fans have been clamoring for years as it has often been considered a dream worthy experience for any fans of the incredibly popular Harry Potter franchise.

Players will be able to fully explore Hogwarts castle, be selected into any of the four houses, fight various magical creatures and enemies, decide their fate as a witch or wizard and even be able to learn the killing curse.

It is a title that is now become firmly lodged in the minds of all gamers and with this title now rumored to modelled through the critically acclaimed Unreal Engine, there remains so much hype surrounding this release which is scheduled for late 2022.

• Dying Light 2: Stay Human

After a few minor patches and updates, Dying Light 2 is already an admirable sequel to the critically acclaimed prequel that was released way back in 2014.

The second rendition has already adopted the many sublime qualities of the first game which included an excellent combat and parkour system, but has also added a much wider map to explore, various endings and narration selection for the main character as well as new terrifying infected enemies.

Dying Light is arguably the perfect blend of the Dead Island and Mirrors Edge franchises rolled into one fantastic outing, that will have players glued to their screens for hours in the hopes of exploring Villedor, even at the cost of treading into some dangerous nightly escapades against the feared creatures that the post-apocalyptic zombie ridden world has to offer.

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