Going for Laser Hair Removal? Here Are Things You Should Take Care of Pre- and Post-treatment

going for laser hair removal

The most well-liked hair removal method in recent years is laser hair removal. Unwanted hair is removed using laser technology, which also slows its development. The laser machine’s lights zap and kill hair follicles at their roots. It requires more than one session to achieve greater results with laser hair removal. But you must take great care of your skin both before and after the laser treatments.

Although getting a laser treatment is not pleasant, it is worth the discomfort and pain of waxing and the cost that comes with it. So, if you are thinking of going for laser hair removal, here are some things you should take care of pre-and post-treatment.

Pre-Laser Care

An appointment at a recognized laser hair removal service clinic is where it all begins. An expert in laser hair removal will evaluate the hazards and advantages of the procedure for your skin type. Once the doctor has given his or her approval, you are ready to have laser treatment. See the tips below for pre-laser treatment care.

1. In-person meeting

Make sure you visit the doctor in person for consultation before committing to laser therapy. By doing this, you will learn more about the method of this treatment, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

2. Best weather for laser treatment

While each person has a unique skin type and hair, laser treatments are not always successful, but they work best on people with fair skin. Regarding the weather, it is best to arrange your winter or spring appointment. If you’re considering getting the procedure done in the summertime, remember to cover your skin and prevent it from all forms of tanning six weeks before the procedure. Skin discomfort and long-term pigmentation problems might result after laser skin therapy with tanning.

3. Avoid Traditional Waxing

For six weeks before the main visit, refrain from waxing or bleaching your hair if your laser treatment has been confirmed and a doctor has given the green signal. If not prevented, this could have negative effects and reduce the efficiency of the laser treatment.

4. Bath before the appointment

Do not forget to take a bath prior to your laser treatment. Before the appointment, take a shower, and wash the treatment area with soap and body wash to assist with the results. Keep in mind to completely clean your skin of all oil and dust before walking for the treatment. From your skin. Remember not to apply any moisturizer or skin care product to the treatment area, as this could irritate the skin.

Post-Laser Treatment

Although laser hair removal techniques kill unwanted hair growth, it also invites many post-laser problems. Almost every individual complains about swelling and redness in the treated area as the main adverse effects. It may take up to 2 to 3 days for the skin’s swelling and redness to go down; during these days, it is crucial to take good care of the skin to prevent any more side effects. Read the advice listed below for after-laser treatment advice.

1. Avoid Heat

Try to avoid direct sunlight after the laser treatment. Wearing long sleeves, covering your skin with scarves, or using a high-quality sunscreen are all options for better protection because exposure to the sun’s UV rays can irritate the skin’s treatment area and make hair removal less effective.

Also, avoid all heat sources, such as hot baths, saunas, and intense exercise. All these activities may cause skin hyperpigmentation and infections. Instead, take a cold shower and spread ice cubes over the treatment area.

2. Shave, do not wax

As the hair removal process through laser is not a one-time task and it demands multiple sessions, so during this time, if you want to remove the unwanted hair, shave it instead of waxing or plucking. This is important because the treatment area is already sensitive and weak because of the sessions, and shaving will go more smoothly on your skin and won’t harm it, but waxing will make it worse.

3. Avoid perfumes

The skin’s treatment area becomes weaker and more sensitive during laser treatment sessions. Therefore, it requires particular care and attention. For 48 hours following the treatment, stay away from perfumes and scents as they include compounds that may irritate or harm the treated region and cause serious health concerns.

Remember that a laser treatment requires 3 to 6 sessions to finish, and that number may rise depending on your skin type and rate of hair growth. Prior to receiving a laser treatment, conduct thorough research and consult professionals. Then, when you’re ready, note down these pre- and post-laser treatment instructions for better care.

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