How To Make Your Vag Taste Sweet And Smell Great

how to make your vag taste sweet

Vaginas tend to have a slightly salty, sometimes tangy, or pungent taste and smell. And it is perfectly normal. However, if you’ve been wondering how to make your vag taste sweet, you can do that with some easy changes in your diet and lifestyle.

Let’s learn a little more about the different possible reasons why your vagina may be tasting and smelling unpleasant and what you can do to make your downstairs situation a little better.

What Does Your Vag Taste Like?


Just as each person has their own smell, no two vaginas smell or taste the same. Taste can vary depending on your lifestyle and the food you eat. However, the vulva is often salty, owing to the sweat accumulation in its nooks and folds. Tangy or fermented, coppery or metallic, sweet or cheesy, acidic or chemical are some common words that describe the vagina’s taste.

5 Reasons Why Your Vag Is Acting All Fishy

1. The Soap You Are Using


Your vagina is perfectly capable of keeping itself clean, balanced, and healthy. The main reason for the vagina’s musty taste and smell is the build-up of dead cells. Hence, it’s vital to maintain your vaginal hygiene by showering regularly. Avoid using floral or scented soaps near your vagina as it can disrupt your vagina’s delicate pH balance and make it stink.

Use unscented soap to clean up the area around your pubic bone. Do not use soap in the vaginal opening as it can cause dryness of the mucosal lining. The safest method is to use a soft washcloth soaked in warm water to gently wipe the nooks and crannies down there.

2. The Food You Are Eating


The phrase “you are what you eat” holds for your vagina too. To maintain your vagina’s health and balance, avoid oily and junk foods and consume more fresh fruits and vegetables. Citrus fruits and fruits high in natural sugar are great for improving your vagina’s smell and taste.

Fruits like papaya, berries, lemons, bananas, and edamame all help maintain your vagina’s freshness. However, don’t overeat fruits that are very sugary as they can cause yeast infection.

3. Your Current Underwear


Soft, comfortable, and gentle cotton underwear is your vagina’s best friend. It lets your vagina breathe and prevents moisture build-up, which is one of the main reasons for a smelly vagina. Avoid nylon, polyester, latex, and other synthetic fabrics as they can irritate the delicate skin around your vagina.

4. Your Sleeping Hygiene


The most effective tip for maintaining your vagina’s smell and taste is to let it breathe. Cotton underwear can help prevent moisture build-up to a large extent. However, every once in a while, it is advised to let your bearded clam free. Sleeping without pants or underwear can be the best way to let some fresh air in and keep it dry and healthy.

5. You Are Over Douching It

Over Douching

How many times have we heard that our vaginas are like self-cleaning ovens? Vaginas don’t need any over-the-top cleaning, especially not the inner canals. Today, countless studies have proven that douching not only offers no real benefit but can also potentially harm your vagina.

Almost no OBGYN will recommend douching. Excessive douching can disrupt your vagina’s delicate balance and increase its natural pH level. Besides causing dryness and itchiness, in extreme cases, it can even lead to yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.

How To Make Your Vag Taste Sweet

Now that we know what not to do, let’s take a look at some food, fruits, and other measures you can take to make your vagina smell and taste better.

Fruits And Food That Make Your Vag Taste Sweet

1. Berries


Dark fruits like blueberries, cranberries, and strawberries are very effective in improving your vagina’s health. The darker the fruit, the sweeter the juice. Cranberries also combat the bacteria that are responsible for causing UTIs.

Eating these berries regularly will not only improve the taste and smell of your vagina but also ensure that it stays protected from diseases and infections. Though you can consume cranberries either in juice or fruit form, it’s more palatable as juice. However, make sure to only consume juices made from fresh fruits and not the ones that are mostly just sugar water as it will only exacerbate the problem.

2. Cinnamon


Since cinnamon is alkaline, it can help neutralize your vagina’s acidity. A mild antibiotic, cinnamon not only helps maintain your vagina’s pH balance but also improves its taste. You can consume cinnamon either by adding it to your bread recipes or smoothies. Another spice that’s as effective as cinnamon is Nutmeg.

3. Celery


Mostly made of fiber and water, celery is not just good for neutralizing vaginal odors, but it’s also great for combating dehydration. Dehydration causes concentrated urine that can impact your vaginal smell and taste. Many problems associated with the vagina occur due to dehydration, so consuming celery can help solve most of these problems.

4. Yogurt


Yogurt is great for your vaginal health as it promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in your body. Not only does it improve the vagina’s pH balance, but it also helps combat yeast infection, one of the prime reasons for smelly vaginas. Yeast infection occurs when natural yeast cells multiply unnaturally due to a deficiency of good bacteria. Hence, an optimum level of probiotics is vital for the growth of good bacteria.

5. Pineapples


Your vagina is generally acidic. Consuming pineapples is one of the most common and effective ways of making it taste sweeter. Pineapples are rich in acidic content and vitamin C, and their alkalizing effect can help maintain the overall pH balance and acidity. This can make the vaginal secretions during sex taste better and sweeter.

Other Measures You Can Take

#1. Avoid junk foods as the chemicals and preservatives in them can cause an imbalance to your vagina’s pH balance.

#2. Drink lots of water as it helps flush out toxins, increases the lubrication of body fluids, and keeps your vagina bacteria-free.

#3. Consume kefir, low fermented milk with antifungal and antibacterial properties. It keeps yeast infection at bay and also makes your vagina smell pleasant.

#4. Reduce smoking and drinking coffee and alcohol as it can change your vaginal odor and also cause dehydration.

#5. In case there is any excessively foul odor or unusual discharge, visit your doc immediately.

Why They Work

Citrus fruits help maintain your body’s pH levels and improve the taste and smell of your vagina. A well-balanced vagina is neither too acidic nor too alkaline and will have no foul taste or smell. Additionally, drinking lots of water, avoiding unhealthy food, and an unhealthy lifestyle can also significantly improve your vagina’s health and pH balance.

A Few Parting Tips

Those were some tips to improve your vagina’s taste and smell. How to make your vag taste sweet is something women have wondered at one time or another.

But always remember, if your vagina was supposed to taste like ripe peaches, it would taste like ripe peaches. A little muskiness down there is healthy! Give your vagina the love and attention it deserves, maintain your hygiene, watch your diet, and your vagina will be perfectly fine.

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