132 Inappropriate Fantasy Football Team Names You’ll Love

inappropriate fantasy football team names

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If you’re a fan of football, then chances are you’re also into fantasy football. This fun game is a chance for all sports enthusiasts to live out their dream of owning and managing their own team, and testing them against opponents.

Among the numerous fun things you can do when playing the game, the most entertaining one is picking a name for your team. While you can go with a more traditional option, you can also have fun and choose something a little more inappropriate.

So, if you’re a fan of crass humor, here are the best inappropriate fantasy football team names to liven up your game!

The Ultimate List of Inappropriate Fantasy Football Team Names

When it comes to picking a spicy name for your team, you have several options. First, you can go with something that is equal parts funny and inappropriate. This could be a name that is non-sexual, but still edgy enough to make polite society blush.

However, if a sexual innuendo is something you absolutely must have in your team name, then a dirty name is the way to go. Whichever option you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a blast while in-game!

1. Funny Inappropriate Fantasy Football Team Names


Both crass and funny, these names will have you and your teammates dying of laughter.

• ShittyShittyBandBand
• bLuE BaLLeRs
• The Waifu Brigade
• VulgarDisplayOfPower
• Thot Annilihators
• Bolegged Women
• Bluegrass Stallions
• The Ball Busters
• Christian Boys Love Breesus
• Christian Mingle
• Men They Couldn’t Hang
• Christian Mingle dot Cam
• Chungus Lords
• Heffer Squad
• Clappin’ Cheeks
• Cooter Gang
• D’s Nutz
• Mommy Milkers
• Big Tiddy Lovers
• Chronic Gronkitis
• Simp Nation
• Da Juice is Loose
• Fatties and Foreigners
• Look me in my Lazy Eye
• Oops I Crapped My Fants
• Daddy Daycare
• Kamara Up and See Me Sometime
• Diarrhea of Anne Frank
• The Ass Busters 9000
• Holy Cow & the Hindus
• Goo-Gobbling Guttersluts
• John Wilkes Kissing Booth 2
• Daenerys Did Nothing Wrong
• DeezNuts
• Deshaun of the Dead
• Her Majesty’s Secret Cervix
• John Cougar Concentration Camp
• Kardashian’s Backfield in Motion
• Donkey Eater
• Los Vatos
• Michael Jackson Daycare
• First and Shlong
• Cougar Bait
• Team Jihad
• First Down Syndrome
• Pontius Pilate and the mad Nailers
• Jehovah’s Witness Protection Program
• The Birds Are Spies, They Report
• Urine Trouble
• 911 was an Inside Job
• fuh-Q

2. Dirty Inappropriate Fantasy Football Team Names


People like to rag on sex jokes as being something only immature twelve-year-old boys like to throw around. However, don’t let the haters rain on your parade! A good dirty joke is always a welcome way to lighten the mood during a tense game.

Therefore, why not incorporate it into your team name? Here are a few rowdy options to consider:

• Twatt Warriors
• Cumming To America
• Dak Head
• !reverse cowgirls!!
• BJ Chark.Fournette Play
• Cleaning Foreskins
• She Duked On My Johnson
• The Rumpleforeskins
• First & Ten Inches
• Going Deeeep
• I Came. I Saw. I Smashed
• Multiple scoregasms
• The Pennsylvania Penetrators
• Jizz til I Philip Rivers
• King Dong
• Dalton.Multiple
• JAX Off
• Sets Dals
• A Younghoe Diggs me
• B4 Sets
• John Wick’s Stick
• Original Sets
• Scorgasm
• Steeler Virginity
• VaJayJay Twatt
• 2 Johnsons 1 Kupp
• Mandahoerians
• Jack Off.
• I Got a Chubby Johnson
• Sets On The Pitch.
• Pitch I Love Your Tits.
• Jimmy G-String
• Jack Goff Inside Of You.
• MACK Daddy
• LoveToSee Tit Tans
• Murder Poking AssFoles.
• Maq-Daddy
• WAPinators
• Brees Milk
• The Powerbottoms
• WaifuIsLaifu
• Hyde the Salami
• Rexual Healing.
• Pelvis Pushers
• Baker Mayfield You Up.
• Touchdowns Syndrome
• She Drives Me Nutz
• Cam on Your TD’s
• Wendell’s Got Smallwood
• Hard Gore Porn
• Rimjob Specialists
• Suck My Ditka
• Golden Showers
• Baby Got Dak
• JacksOn
• Flexur Cocks
• Flexur’s Cock’s In My Pussi
• Big TD’s
• Hung like Hernandez
• My chair pulls out, but I don’t
• Claptrappers
• Dixie Normous
• LickALottapus

3. Inappropriate Names Based Around Famous Teams

Famous Teams

Coming up with an original name is one of the greatest joys of playing fantasy football. However, sometimes, you just want to honor your favorite real-life sports teams.

And there is no better way to do that than to take your favorite team or player’s name and make a dirty pun out of it. Some creative options include:

New England Patriots

If you’re a Patriots fan, then these names will surely tickle your funny bone!

• Bundchen Is Mommy
• Burk-head?
• Cammunists
• Gillette Me Love You
• Bradeez Nutz
• Go Wilfork Yourself
• Choking the Belichicken

Denver Broncos

Colorado natives will adore this dirty spin on their favorite team!

• Mile High Stadium Club
• Hung Like a Bronco
• Bradley’s Chubb
• Sutton My Face
• Highway To HElway

Cleveland Browns

The best part about the Cleveland Browns is that their names make for some of the most hilarious dirty puns!

• Nick Chubby Chaser
• The Chubb Rubbers
• Bick Chubbgus
• Baker Mayfield You Up
• Odelling in the Canyon

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