5 Different Cooking Methods to Cook Chicken Dishes

methods to cook chicken dishes

An excellent source of protein and nutrients, it’s no wonder why meat is almost always a part of people’s three meals a day. Bacon, for example, is a staple meat served for breakfast while other delicious meat dishes can be prepared and eaten for lunch and dinner. The bottom line is people love to eat meat, and meat is good for you – but in moderation. 

While some opt for red meat and seafood, others love chicken. And what’s not there to love? Affordable and versatile, it delivers essential nutrients and helps build muscles and strengthen bones, chicken dishes please eaters of all ages. Knowing how to truss a chicken is a good start for roasting, and there are plenty more ways to prepare and cook chicken.

This article is about a brief history of how chickens became known as food, plus tips on how to cook them in various methods. 

A Brief History of How Chicken Came to be Food

Thousands of years ago, humans were breeding and raising fowls for one purpose – and that’s for fighting. It was not until later that they started viewing it as food. With more females heading to dinner plates than males. This was because the females do not fight, and so better use for them was as food. People domesticated fowls and the breed was popularly known as chickens.

As humans learned how to raise a flock of chickens in captivity, they became a major food source as their meat and eggs are used in whipping up various cuisines.  

Along with cows, pigs, and other livestock, chicken is one of the key ingredients in some dishes worldwide. From the Filipino chicken adobo, and fried chicken, to chicken tikka and Italian herb-roasted chicken. That is why many chefs and home cooks love to experiment and try out different chicken dishes. 

Different Ways of Cooking Chicken

The popularity of chicken is attributed to its versatility and health benefits. Compared to red meats, it is the healthier choice, especially when battling diseases and going on a diet. There are also various ways of cooking it, which can be a reference to your future recipes.

1. Pan-Frying

One of the quickest and simplest ways of cooking chicken is through frying. First, the frying method is pan-frying wherein the meat pieces are covered with flour seasoned with salt, pepper, and some spices to create the desired flavor. Using a heavy skillet or any cookware with deep sides, the meat is fried in hot oil and placed with spaces between to ensure an even cooking process – skin side down first and turned over until cooked thoroughly and golden brown. 

2. Deep-Frying

The second frying method is deep-frying which starts with coating the chicken meat using either crumbs or batter. Use a deep pan filled with oil that is heated till it reaches the right temperature, and then put the pieces one by one, be careful not to overcrowd them. Once it turns golden brown, remove the chicken and drain the grease/oil by placing them on a paper towel or rack.

3. Poaching

A healthy and low-fat method to cook chicken, it’s preferred by people who are dieting and eating healthily. Poach chicken right, and you will be eating soft and tender meat. But do it wrong, and you need to chew for several minutes before you swallow. Start by seasoning the cold water, and then add the chicken. Put the pot on the hot stove, once the water boils, flip the meat to cook both sides. Remove the pot and enjoy your soft and tender chicken meat. 

4. Braising 

Have your fill of tender and juicy chicken meat through braising. Consisting of two cooking methods, the meat is seared first to bring out the flavor and crisp up the exterior. Then, let the meat simmer over low heat by adding water, wine, or broth until it is cooked and ready to be consumed. 

5. Roasting

There is no right or wrong way of preparing it for roasting. People have their own preparation methods like trussing or splaying the chicken and even different preferences over the cooking temperature.

Some like to cook it for a long time at a low temperature, while others opt for a hotter oven. It all boils to roasting chicken until it attains a crispy outside but a tender and juicy meat inside. Make it safe to eat by ensuring the oven is at 165 degrees Fahrenheit to heat the white meat.


Healthy, affordable, and versatile, chicken is the meat of choice in some countries around the globe. And stated above are just some of the many methods you can use to cook its meat. With various chicken recipes from all over to try and whip up for the whole family and friends to enjoy. Visit Recipes.net to know more. 

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