Minimalist Watches For The Neutral Lover

minimalist watches for neutral lover

Choosing the Right Watch

Since the beginning of fashion, watches have been a must-have accessory for any outfit, whether for elegant evenings or everyday life. This is the best time to begin your search for the perfect minimalist watch. Finding a watch with an elegant yet discreet design can be tricky. However, there are more than enough minimalist watch designs to choose from, and a few will perfectly match your lifestyle wherever you go. 

Women’s watches are timeless and stunning accessories wherever you go, so your choice of wrist companion is important. Here are eight minimalist watches for the neutral lover.

Minimalist Watches to Buy

1. The Mido Baroncelli Signature Lady Colors Special Edition Watch

The Mido Baroncelli Signature Lady Colors Special Edition Watch is the most elegant minimalist womens watch released by Mido since the creation of the brand in the 20th century. The timepiece has a circular stainless steel case and a 30mm by 9mm length and width, making it a small and stylish wrist presence. With its five pastel-colored straps, the preference of color is up to you.

2. The Tissot Everytime Watch

The Tissot Everytime Watch is a simple, elegant, and discreet timepiece and the perfect minimalist and modern watch if you prefer a neutral look. You can choose any strap and dial combination depending on your preferences, making it a bit more you. With its 72 hours of power reserve, you can count on the Tissot Everytime Watch to never let you down.

3. The Cartier Panthère Watch

With its rich history, the Cartier Panthère Watch is undeniably a treasure in the world of watches. From Madonna to Jane Fonda, many of the biggest stars have worn this minimalist piece because of its elegance and simplicity.

The watch’s name, panther, is the house’s mascot and perfectly symbolizes the character of this timepiece. Despite reaching its peak of recognition in the 1980s, the watch is still one of the most emblematic in the world. It is the minimalist watch for any neutral watch lover.

4. The Cluse Féroce Petite Watch

The Cluse Féroce Petite Watch is the perfect choice for watch lovers who enjoy different colors, sizes, and straps. It is the perfect mix between glamor and minimalism with its simple, joyful look. It is equipped with a 3-link strap, a sunray dial with the color of your choosing, and a 36mm bicolor or unicolor case. If you ever feel like a change, just buy one of their detachable straps.

5. The Longines Dolcevita Watch

The Longines Dolcevita Watch is undeniably a perfect example of modern and minimalist elegance in women’s watches. It beautifully encompasses the sweetness of life mixed with sober and serious chic, inspired by a “la dolce vita” mentality. The watch’s iconic rectangular case, accompanied by its bracelet or leather strap with a color of your choosing, makes it a fun and delicate piece of jewelry.

6. The Hermes Cape Cod Watch

The Hermes Cape Cod Watch is a comfortable and classic timepiece for any neutral watch lover. Its elegance is found in its simplicity, and the wrap-around strap is a perfect mix between jewelry and a practical watch.

Hermes is a well-known brand worldwide, especially regarding their high-quality and durable leather accessories, from their famous handbags to their watches. Despite being known for their scarves, shoes, and bags, Hermes is also a reliable brand for timepieces, and the Hermes Cape Cod Watch is a perfect example of this.

7. The Jaeger LeCoultre Classique Reverso Watch

The Jaeger LeCoultre Classique Reverso has a long history with sports and elegant events. Created in 1930, the watch was made for polo players but has evolved to become an everyday life representation of practical and minimalist grace. This unique and one-of-a-kind remarkable Art Deco watch is pleasantly and functionally reversible to safeguard its superbly sculpted design.

8. The Seiko Analogue Quartz Watch

The invention of the Seiko Quartz Watch in 1969 set the perfect example for future watchmakers with its gracious minimalist style. Built around a crystal oscillator, this vintage yet current timepiece is the ideal women’s watch. Its ability to produce consistent vibration is an example of utmost time accuracy when it comes to the watch-making world.

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