Parrot Names List: What Will You Call Your Birdie?

parrot names

One of the biggest decisions after bringing a pet home is giving them a name. You want it to be perfect, but picking parrot names can get a little confusing sometimes. If you’re bringing home a parrot, you’re adding a dash of personality to the house and yourself!

Parrots are fun, lovely creatures that enjoy soaking up the attention. It’s only fair that you take your time giving them a name that fits them best. Here are some parrot names to consider, and a few tips that can come in handy when naming them.

Male Parrot Names

Male Parrot

Try to pick up traits they display to choose a male name best suited for them. You could totally give your parrot human names as well, as they mimic human beings often. What do you think of these options?

#1. Paco

#2. Tony

#3. Sunny

#4. Ollie

#5. Jerry

#6. Frankie

#7. Toby

#8. Larry

#9. Mojo

#10. Gabriel

#11. Dustin

#12. Garrette

#13. Sonny

#14. Davy

#15. Benji

#16. Joe

#17. Spencer

#18. Jason

Female Parrot Names

Female Parrot

If you’ve got a female parrot, opt for a more feminine name. Something more gentle, cute, elegant, or playful. Play around with any kind of feminine-sounding name and see what sounds good. You could even name them after your favorite actors or fictional characters!

#1. Sophie

#2. Rachel

#3. Kiki

#4. Molly

#5. Josie

#6. Rosie

#7. Polly

#8. Sarah

#9. Coco

#10. Jeanie

#11. Lizzie

#12. Hayley

#13. Bonnie

#14. Beatrice

#15. Claire

#16. Minnie

#17. Esther

#18. Hannah

#19. Emily

#20. Allie

Famous Parrot Names

Famous Parrot Names

What better name for your parrot than one that is already famous? So many bird characters have shot to fame after being featured in movies, books, and even on YouTube.

#1. Blu: The magnificent Spix’s macaw that stole our hearts and starred in the 2011 animated movie “Rio.”

#2. Jewel: She was Blu’s incredibly beautiful partner. Their adventures involve escaping from Nigel, the Cockatoo.

#3. Iago: Remember the Scarlet Macaw perched on the sinister villain Jaffar’s shoulder in “Aladdin”? He complimented Jaffar’s character so well!

#4. Diablo: If you love Maleficent and her trusted little companion, you could name your parrot Diablo as well! This works best if your parrot also has dark feathers.

#5. Polynesia: The African grey parrot from the incredibly famous book “Dr. Doolittle” was portrayed as a blue and gold macaw in its movie version adapted in 1967.

#6. Einstein: This smart parrot is a YouTube star with an impressive vocabulary of over 200 words and sounds, attracting millions of views.

#7. Hedwig: While he may be a snow owl, you’ve got to name your parrot Hedwig if you’re a Potterhead. Especially if your parrot is a loyal friend.

#8. Alex: This African grey parrot is arguably the most famous parrot to date. His name was an acronym for Avian Language Experiment. Owned and trained by Dr. Pepperberg, Alex was the subject of a 30-year study to understand parrots’ intelligence.

#9. Snowball: This cockatoo is another YouTube star, famous for his love of pop music. He’s got killer dance moves, the likes of which you’ve never seen!

Funny Parrot Names

Funny Parrot Names

If you’re looking to add constant amusement to your life, giving your parrot a funny name would certainly do the trick. You could opt for an absolutely silly name if your parrot is playful, or better yet, a quiet brooder. Prompt a quick giggle every day by picking one of these names:

#1. Alexa

#2. Potatohead

#3. Chandler

#4. Ratatouille

#5. Eagle

#6. Uncle Bob

#7. Bieber

#8. Siri

#9. Rascal

#10. Shrek

#11. Mr. Spock

#12. Chilli

#13. Captain Beak

#14. Freud

#15. Kat

#16. Jingle

Cute Parrot Names

Cute Parrot Names

Is your parrot a sweetheart? If you look at them and want to cuddle up with them 24*7, why not pick the most adorable name for them!

#1. Angel

#2. Lady

#3. Romeo

#4. Tweety

#5. Baby

#6. Buddy

#7. Cookie

#8. Mimie

#9. Elle

#10. Nina

#11. Candy

#12. Jodie

#13. Millie

Tips For Naming Your Parrot

#1. Give them a timeless name. Parrots can live from 20 to almost 100 years! So, take your time deciding their name. They might have trouble forgetting previous names; pick a name you’ll likely never regret.

#2. You could opt for themed names if you’re into a specific hobby. Musicians, historical figures, Greek gods, movie characters, etc. can make for some unique-sounding names.

#3. Pick a name that is easy for you and everyone else to pronounce. It should be easy for your parrot as well. Don’t pick names that can be confused with commands or another pet.

#4. Interact with your pet often to teach them their name. Call out instructions, give them praises, or summon them — and while you’re doing this, drop in their name. Use treats when they respond, so they begin associating their name with things they like.

A Few Parting Words

Having a parrot for a pet can be extremely rewarding. They’re quite entertaining and can form close bonds that last long. Let their personality really shine through their name. Give your parrots the best parrot names!

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