How Does Selling To A Salvage Yard Work

selling to a salvage yard

After many years of service, the car reaches a certain point when it simply needs to be repaired or sold. While your first thought would be to take it to a local auto body repair shop for a fix-up, the repairs the car requires may not be worth the money or time. In this case, instead of keeping it in your garage and letting it rust away, you should consider selling it for some quick cash.

The best place where you can get rid of your junk car and make good money in the process is a salvage yard. This is a place that buys old and used cars for their parts and scraps of metal and later recycles them so they can be used in other vehicles or for construction purposes. It is a relatively straightforward process and often the most suitable option for cars in poor driving conditions. 

However, in order to have your old ride scrapped for its parts, there are several steps you need to complete first. To get you started, read our guide and learn about the process of selling your inoperable vehicle to a salvage yard. 

Find a certified salvage yard

The first step you need to complete is to find a certified salvage yard in your area. For this, you will have to do extensive research online to see customer reviews of popular junk car buyers close by or ask your friends, family, or neighbors to recommend a reputable junk removal agency near you. 

Because most people sell their junk cars for cash, it is important that you get multiple quotes from different salvage yards before settling on the first one you find. Doing so will help you get the highest rate for your car and also give you insight into the services these junk removal places offer customers. 

Some companies may offer free towing services which is a real money-saver and also a great option for vehicles that are completely rundown and unable to move. 

Bring all necessary documents

As with all things vehicle-related, you will need to gather a few documents before selling your car to a salvage yard. The most important ones you need to ensure a smooth and legal scrapping process include:

  • Car title; 
  • Bill of sale;
  • The vehicle’s maintenance history and service records;
  • Documents of warranty.

For example, the car title is a type of document that proves who the owner of the car is. It includes all important information about your vehicle as well as the vehicle identification number (VIN).

The bill of sale is another important document that outlines the terms of the sale deal and serves as proof that your car was sold.

Prepare the car for pickup

Once you find a reputable salvage yard, your next step is to prepare your car for pickup. If the company offers towing services, arrange a time that suits you the most so they can send over a team of professionals to pick up your vehicle and remove it from your property. When they arrive, they will perform a thorough inspection of your ride, determine its value and give you money in return.

In preparation for pickup, it is recommended that you remove any personal belongings or added accessories from your vehicle. Some valuable components you may want to keep are your GPS system, stereo system, exhaust system, or fenders. 

Also, don’t forget to drain all fluids and oils from your vehicle.

Report the sale to local authorities

After your car is scrapped, you may be required to report the sale of the vehicle to the DMV and complete some sale paperwork. This varies between states and often includes a deadline, so make sure you get all information in advance to avoid potential problems. Doing so will protect you from liability in case anything happens to your car after you sell it. 

As for the documents, most salvage yards have full-time clerks which handle all paperwork needed to transfer your car to the buyer. After everything is done, the agency will hand over the cash and you will turn the title to the salvage yard.

Final thoughts

If you have an inoperable, wrecked, or damaged vehicle, selling it to a salvage yard is your best financial option. They purchase cars in poor condition and will give you a good sum for their valuable parts and scrap metal, which they can use later on other vehicles.

For more information, refer to our post and learn how the process of selling an old car to a salvage yard works. 

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