Tattoo Ideas for Mothers With Sons: 10 Creative Designs

tattoo ideas for mothers with sons

There is nothing more special than the love between a mother and her son. He is her world, her reason to live, while she is his rock, guiding him through all of life’s uncertainties. A bond like that should definitely be commemorated.

One of the best ways to do this is with a tattoo. Unlike other material gifts, a tattoo is forever. As such, it’s the ultimate way to showcase your commitment. So, if you and your mom want to show your love for each other with a tattoo, here are a few tattoo ideas for mothers with sons.

Why Do People Get Tattoos?


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Tattoos get a bad rap. Though they’ve become more socially acceptable in recent years, many still look down on them as being trashy. This is very unfortunate, considering that they have a long and rich history.

Tattoos have always served as a form of individual expression. Historians thought that the earliest evidence we have of humans tattooing their bodies dated back to ancient Egypt, around 2000BC. However, new evidence shows that the practice of tattooing is even older, dating to 5200 BC to our ice age ancestors.

A lot of ancient humans used them for therapeutic purposes believing that tattoos could alleviate ailments like joint pain. For Thracians, Scythians, and Britons, tattoos signified nobility, and not having them was a sign of low birth.

Pre-Colombian civilizations of Peru and Chile used tattoos in religious ceremonies, with women tattooing their abdomen to honor the goddess of fertility. One of the most famous examples of tattoos, the Polynesian Maori geometric designs have an even richer meaning. They can signify everything, from social status to sexual maturity, genealogy, and so on.

All in all, for most cultures, the reasons for tattooing one’s body vary. However, the one thing most people with tattoos have in common is that the reason for their tattoos is intensely personal. Recent research shows that over 24% of people who were considering getting a tattoo wanted to do it to commemorate an important event or thing in their life.

For 25% of participants, this was a way to show their battle with a personal demon such as substance abuse or mental health. For 12% of participants, they’re an expression of their identity. Others, on the other hand, say they want to get a tattoo to honor the memory of someone that’s passed, or someone they love deeply, like a parent or a child.

10 Tattoo Ideas for Mothers with Sons

Society may not always approve, but the history of tattoos makes one thing abundantly clear. They are the ultimate way to express the love you have for another person. So why not get a tattoo to symbolize that special mother-son bond?

But be careful. Since tattoos are forever, you should think long and hard before getting your ink. If you regret getting a tattoo, there is always a way to remove it. Know the tattoo removal cost and choose the best removal service.

While everyone has their preferences, inside jokes, and quirks, here are a few tattoo ideas for mothers and sons to serve as your jumping-off point.

1. Two Halves of Something


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Do you want to show just how strong your mother-son-bond is? Then consider getting matching tattoos of two halves of something. This could be anything from a heart to a butterfly, flower, yin, and yang, etc.

2. A Matching Bird Nest With a Mother and her Chick

Bird Nest

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Can you think of anything more representative than a mother-son bond than a mother bird and her chicks? This tattoo idea has the potential to look amazing, while also packing a lot of emotional power.

3. Matching Anchors


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There is no better way to honor the person that has kept you safe and stable throughout your life than an anchor. It’s easy, yet stunningly beautiful.

4. Your Names


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One of the simplest tattoo ideas for mothers with sons are your names. It doesn’t get more personal than that.

5. A Personalized Inscription


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Apart from your names, an inscription is the next most personal thing. This could be anything from a funny inside joke, your favorite song lyric, or family saying.

6. A Sun and Moon Set

Sun and Moon

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The sun and the moon keep our little world alive — just like how you and your mom keep each other alive. Therefore, getting a matching sun and moon is a great way to showcase that you are the center of each other’s worlds.

7. Puzzle Pieces

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Nothing says “you complete me” like two puzzle pieces that fit together!

8. Lock and Key

Lock and Key

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Next to puzzle pieces, a universal sign of belonging together is a lock and key. This is one of those tattoo ideas for mothers with sons that show that only your little boy holds the key to your heart.

9. Ink Pieces that Complete Each Other


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Can you think of anything more beautiful than your mom getting a flock of birds that begin their journey on her skin, and end it on yours?

10. A Religious Symbol


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If God is a big part of your family’s lives, then one of the best tattoo ideas for mothers with sons is a religious symbol. This could be anything from a simple cross, to a rosary, or a meaningful passage from a religious text.

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