25 Interesting and Fun Things to Draw on Your Hand

things to draw on your hand

When you’re bored, feeling drained with work, or even restless, doodling is one of the best ways to take your mind off things. And doodling on your hand is perhaps even better. You will not only be killing time and boredom but it can be a great way to test out whether a tattoo you’ve been considering will look good on you.

Here’s a curated list of 25 unique things to draw on your hand.

25 Interesting and Fun Things to Draw on Your Hand

  • Funny Things to Draw on Your Hand


#1. Hand Face

Drawing a face on your hand and moving your fingers so it could “talk” is always silly and fun. It’ll also provide endless hours of entertainment!

#2. 4-letter Word on Knuckles

The 4-letter word knuckle tattoo has been in vogue for several years. It looks cool and can be very unique depending on which word you choose.

#3. Stick Person Jumping On a Trampoline

Open your hand, palm up and look for the crease in the middle of your palm. Draw a trampoline below the line, then draw a stick figure a little above the crease. Make the stick figure jump on the trampoline with the movement of your palm. Enjoy!

#4. Connect the Dots

Connecting the dots is a good way to create a puzzle and reveal a fun picture. It may also help improve fine motor skills.

#5. Favorite Fandom

Drawing a beloved character or symbol from your favorite fandom is always fun, be it Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Game of Thrones.

#6. Emoticons

One of the easiest things to draw on your hand is a smiley face. It means happiness or joy, but if you’re not in the mood for some cheer, you can always choose from the many other emoticons that best represent your mood.

  • Creative Things to Draw on Your Hand


#7. Constellations

Drawing stars on your hand can bring a magical effect, but drawing constellations is better. You can even read up on the names and lore behind different constellations.

#8. Barcode

Did you know the lines in a barcode represent a specific character in coded data? You can make your own barcode, and if you create it with the correct width, size, etc., you might even be able to scan it!

#9. Secret Code

You can create secret codes using numbers, letters, or even shapes. Create your own code so that you can communicate secretly with your friends by simply drawing on your hands.

#10. Dots Work

Use differently sized dots to show depth, shading, size, etc., and use these elements to help you create a unique image on your hand.

#11. Chemical Bonds

Show off your chemistry knowledge by drawing chemical bonds on your hands. You can even use a different ink color for different chemical elements.

#12. Otherworldly Beings

Ever wonder if someone else is out there in the universe besides us? You can express your opinion by drawing aliens or otherworldly creatures on the back of your hand or even on your fingers.

#13. Treasure Map

Create your own treasure map by following the veins on your hand or even your fingerprints.

  • Artistic Things to Draw on Your Hand


#14. Skyline

Choose one of the famous skylines from New York, Dubai, or Chicago. You can also draw your city’s skyline or, even better, create a skyline of your imaginary city.

#15. Scenic View

Miss the beach? Draw it on your hand. How about the mountain range? Draw it on your hand. Put small details like the waves, trees, etc., to make it look scenic.

#16. Cartoon Storyline

Create a simple storyline between your fingers and watch the scenes change as your fingers move.

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#17. Continuous Line Drawing

Test your drawing skills by drawing a picture without raising your pen from your hand, using an unbroken line from the start of the drawing until the end.

#18. Mythical Creatures

Draw mythical creatures that reflect your beliefs or strengths or have symbolisms like dragons for good fortune, phoenix for rebirth, or unicorns for purity. Or you can just draw them on your hands because they look fantastic.

#19. Geometric Shapes

Artistic minds see more than simple geometric shapes. Geometric shapes can be used to create different patterns, and patterns can turn into great art.

  • Cute Things to Draw on Your Hand


#20. Flowers

Different flowers can mean different things, as do the different colors. Drawing a bouquet with different types and colors of flowers or just a single bud will still look cute.

#21. Roman Numeral Dates

Instead of just drawing numbers, why not use the corresponding Roman numerals in different fonts to make them look cuter.

#22. Heavenly Bodies

Heavenly bodies are always an appealing option to draw on your hands. You can choose from the sun, the moon and its phases, different planets, or a mixture of them all.

#23. Angel Wings

Angel wings can mean different things, like religious belief or a representation of a protector, even as a tribute to someone. Regardless of the meaning, angel wings are cute and can be drawn in different styles.

#24. Elements

Elements like water, earth, fire, and wind can be drawn in many different ways. You can draw your own interpretation or create unique symbolism for each.

#25. Food Emoji

Are you a foodie? Draw cute food emojis on your hand to pass the time until you can actually eat the food you are craving.

What Can You Use to Draw on Your Hand?

When using your hand as a canvas for your creative doodles, a simple ball-point pen in any color will do the trick.

You can also use a colored marker or pen, but washing it off would be more problematic.

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