Manicure 101: Why Do Men Paint Their Nails Black?

why do men paint their nails black

Traditionally, nail polish was considered a women-only affair. But lately, a lot of men are wearing nail polish, especially black nail polish. So, why do men paint their nails black? Read on to know why.

What Do Black Fingernails Mean?


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Taking care of yourself is one of the tasks that should always be at the top of your daily agenda. No matter how busy your work-life schedule is, you should find some time to groom yourself. A simple touch-up of your fingernails will go a long way to boost your mood, especially when you choose the right color.

The process of choosing the right color for your nail process can be daunting because there are countless shades to choose from. However, black nail polish seems to be one of the most preferred colors, especially by men. Although the black color has been given a bad rep for a long time, lately it has gained a lot of admiration, especially among the millennials who love painting their nails black.

Contrary to what many people might think, black nail polish is associated with positive character traits. For instance, it’s normally worn by naturally artistic people. So, if you want to try something that will tap into your creativity, black nail polish is a perfect choice.

This color of nail polish also shows that you are a bit mysterious. According to Michelle Humphrey, a celebrity manicurist, black nail polish creates an element of mystery. It also brings out the rebellious side of you. Generally, the black color is associated with darkness and secrecy.

Therefore, if you are secretive or you have an unknown personality that you would like to hide from the people around you, you might find yourself gravitating towards black nail polish. This type of nail polish is also considered a simple way to challenge the norm and show off your daring personality. Confident people who are natural leaders love black nail polish. Psychologists claim that the black color symbolizes authority and assertiveness.

So, when you wear black nail polish, everyone at work or in your personal life will know that you mean business.

Additionally, your love for black nail polish may also show that you are quite sensitive. This nail polish could also mean that you have difficulty putting yourself out there or you care a lot about the impression you make.

In terms of beauty, black nail polish offers a very shiny feel and great versatility. You can wear this nail polish to any event and match it with a wide range of outfits. It makes every outfit look stylish and cool.

6 Reasons Why Men Paint Their Nails Black


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Of late, black nails are trending more with dudes than ladies. Men seem to have an edge over black nail polish more than women. But why do men wear black nail polish? Here are the main reasons why some men paint their nails black.

1. Showing Status

As noted above, the black color symbolizes authority and dominance. Therefore, some men will wear black nail polish to show their masculinity and dominance. It’s a form of assertiveness that has taken the internet by storm, with many men painting their nails black to express their machismo.

Traditionally, men wore black nail polish as a symbol of their authority and a way to express themselves through body language. So, although this trend has gained huge momentum lately, it has existed for many years. However, some men today wear this nail polish as a way of attracting women.

2. Expressing an Opinion

Some men who wear black nail polish belong to the global movement for violence against children, Polished Man. Men who associate with this online movement paint all or some of their fingernails black. It’s their way of expressing their views on violence against children.

This movement is one of the main reasons why black nail polish has become so popular today. It has also attracted a lot of male celebrities from around the world. However, you don’t have to paint your nails with only black color to identify yourself with the movement. You can use any other color, but most guys prefer black.

3. Fashion Statement

Many men today understand the importance of making a fashion statement, especially when stepping out of the house. Black nail polish has proved to be one of the perfect ways to make a fashion statement, especially because it’s highly versatile and shiny. It is also perfect for your rebellious and daring fashion styles.

In the past, this nail polish was worn by male artists specializing in jazz, rock, and blues music. It was viewed as a way of disrupting the status quo and living free. Today, it has become a fashion element for men.

4. Expressing Sexuality

Some men paint their nails black as a way of expressing their sexuality. As mentioned above, black is often associated with masculinity and authority. Therefore, a lot of women find men with black nails attractive. That’s why many fashion designers use the color black in most of their male outfits, such as shirts, ties, shoes, and suits.

5. Personal Preference

Sometimes a man will wear black nail polish not because he’s trying to be edgy or weird, but because he believes it looks good on him.

6. Protecting Nails

Nail polish is not only important for beauty; it can help you to protect your nails from sun damage. Black nail polish is particularly effective in keeping nails safe. That’s why some men are wearing it.

Why Do Guys Put Nail Polish On One Finger?


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One of the main reasons why men paint their nails black is to show their support for the Polished Man movement, which sensitizes people about violence against children. That’s why so many male celebrities are painting one of their fingernails black. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be black; it can be any color.

The most important thing is the message and meaning behind the act. Although this movement doesn’t discriminate against men or women, it mainly focuses on men because most of the cases of violence against children are perpetrated by men. The movement is an initiative of YGAP, an Australian non-profit organization.

YGAP has been encouraging men to use fashion statements to end violence against children. Its clarion call is “Nail It To End It”. The concept of painting one fingernail is quite simple: to encourage as many men around the world as possible to paint one of their fingernails as a way of raising awareness against the vice.

The organization is also using this fashion trend to raise funds for its cause. It has attracted celebrities from different sectors, including music, sports, movies, etc. These celebrities help to get the word out and also serve as fundraisers. The goal is to make the world a place where kids won’t experience violence and abuse.

One out of five kids experiences physical and/or sexual violence before they celebrate their 18th birthday. Unfortunately, 90 percent of these acts of violence against kids, especially sexual violence, are done by men. So, if you wish to end violence against children in the world, you can paint one of your fingernails in solidarity with this movement.

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