Guide to Getting the Best Experience on a Bingo Site

Best Experience on a Bingo Site

Bingo has had a sizeable fan base in the US for many years now. Ever since it was popularized by a businessman back in the 1950s, there have been people who fell for its combination of fun play and money-winning potential.

The game is more popular than ever now though. The reason for that is online bingo, which has updated the game for a new generation.

Online bingo combines the basic bingo formula with snazzy graphics, amazing bonuses and big prize payouts. Anyone who loves games and winning money should try it; but finding a site that will offer a good experience is very important.

To learn how to find the best bingo sites, keep reading.

Do Some Research

Researching bingo sites before choosing one will help you to avoid bad choices. The internet makes finding the sort of information that you need very easy.

The things that go into making a good bingo site are the following:

• Games
• Mobile
• Security
• Bonuses
• Payments


The fact is that not all online bingo sites are created equal when it comes to games selection. One thing that marks out the more successful ones like Jackpotjoy is that they have hundreds of games to choose from.

That will include 90-Ball and 75-Ball ones as well as special options like slingo. Slingo is a mix of bingo and slots and it is very popular among fans of both of them.

Compare different sites and sign up for one that has lots of bingo games. That will ensure you never find yourself getting bored.


The availability of a mobile app is another guarantee of a good experience. A mobile bingo app will give you even greater flexibility over when you play, because mobiles are portable.

Bingo games can be a great way to pass tedious periods when you are traveling for instance. Choosing a site that has its own mobile app will make logging in to play on the move much easier and more convenient.


This is another key issue if you want the best possible online bingo experience. Playing bingo online will require you to deposit money into an account at the site and provide a way for any winnings to be paid out.

That means it is impossible to avoid submitting personal and bank account information. So researching a site to make sure that it has cutting edge data security like SSL encryption software is really essential.

You cannot hope to have a fun experience if you are unsure about the safety of your sensitive data.


Bonuses are one of the things that make bingo sites stand out from the old land-based venues. The lower costs involved in running these sites mean they can provide tantalizing bonus offers for their players.

These start with welcome bonuses to attract new players and continue with loyalty rewards schemes to retain them. Your research should take in the various bonuses being offered at different sites, but also the terms and conditions of each.

Some sites offer bonuses that sound unbelievable. These then turn out to need massive deposits to unlock them. Look for a site with a good welcome bonus that has a low deposit requirement.

Try to find one that also has impressive longer-term loyalty programs to get the best bonus experience.


A bingo site should have more than one method for receiving any winnings. In addition to bank transfers, you should be able to use e-wallets like PayPal if you prefer. Payments should also be made within 48 hours.

The Bingo Games to Play

Once you have chosen a site, picking the right games will help ensure the best experience. Some bingo games stand out as exceptional.


• Cloud Bingo

This is a classic 90-ball favorite that offers three potential prizes and tickets priced as low as $0.01. Very much worth a go.

• Emerald Bingo

Tickets for this 90-ball online game can be bought for as little as $0.02. Once in the game, you have a shot at a progressive jackpot that can build to huge sums.


• Speed Bingo

75-ball often provides bigger prizes but Speed Bingo is also one of the fastest bingo games. That makes it brilliant for short breaks during the day.

Minimum prices are $0.02.

Remember to be Sociable

The last point in our guide to having the best bingo time is to be sociable. Bingo is a game that should be played with others and top sites have chat rooms for that reason.

Make the most of these as you can meet friends and also pick up tips on improving your play.

If you follow this guide you are guaranteed lots of bingo fun.

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