Christmas Team Names: 61 Creative Ideas to Inspire You

christmas team names

Although Christmas is still some time away, it is never too early to get into the holiday spirit. If you are hosting your very own Christmas party, you must plan every game, snack, and beverage that your guests will enjoy.

This planning should also include any team names for group activities that you will organize. A creative name will inspire teamwork and camaraderie while showing everyone how creative of a host you are. Without further ado, here are the best Christmas team names that you can use for some inspiration.

Funny Christmas Team Names


#1. The Boozy Bunch

If one of the teams is well-known for drinking just a bit too much every year, this name will suit them perfectly. It rolls off the tongue nicely, and no one will be able to forget it long after the party is over.

#2. Happy Feet

This name is great if you’re organizing a dance-off. Make sure everyone has had more than enough to drink, and you’ll have the funniest dance competition in the history of Christmas parties.

#3. The Jingle Balls

Are you looking for a name that will show how gutsy your team is? With this option, no other group will ever dare cross you.

#4. The Christmas Pranksters

Perfect for all mischievous groups who always plan pranks in advance, this name will let everyone know that they should never let their guard down around you.

#5. Extra SANTAmental

Every friend group has those few people who are perpetually crying and lamenting that yet another year is coming to an end. This name will be perfect for them, as it is equally funny and Christmassy.

#6. The Work-a-Frolics

In case you have all your favorite workaholics and nerds in one group, this name will suit them wonderfully. Whichever game you are playing, they will be the ones to watch out for!

#7. The Retail Slave Elves

If you’re working in retail, you know all too well how Santa’s elves feel every year when Christmas comes around. You can make the best of it with this jokey name. After all, everything becomes a bit easier when you can laugh about it!

#8. The Ugly Sweater Union

Christmas is a time made for ugly holiday jumpers that you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing at any other point during the year. To celebrate that, you and your group can find the ugliest sweaters and jumpers available and wear them — and your name — with pride.

#9. The Reign Deers

Meant for all the born winners, this name will remind everyone who’s boss. It’s memorable and catchy, and the wordplay is smart enough to be funny.

#10. The Eggnog Enthusiasts

If a team is really just there for the eggnog, no name will fit them better.

#11. The Game Sleighers

This name is yet another clever example of wordplay that you can take advantage of. It is a fantastic choice for those people who somehow always win, no matter what you’re playing.

Alternatively, the name is just as great for the team that never seems to win anything. Humor paired with sarcasm is always the best combo you can go for.

#12. The Grinch Gang

Although Christmas is one of the happiest parts of the year, it would be nothing without a few Grinches. If your friend group has those couple of people who hate Christmas and don’t get what all the fuss is about — this will be an excellent name for them.

Dirty Christmas Team Names


#13. The Ho-Ho-Hoes

Are you and your girlfriends in need of a festive but naughty name for your group? If so, this one will give you the best of both worlds.

#14. Spanksters

Need we say more? The name works just as well for male, female, and mixed groups. If you want to leave a lasting impression, it’s definitely the one for you.

#15. Naughty Nutcrackers

Catchy, funny, and memorable — as far as dirty team names go, you cannot do a lot better than this.

#16. Naughty Elves

In case your team is always planning pranks and yelling inappropriate comments, this name is simply a must. And if you also dress up as naughty elves, you’ll bring your brand to a whole new level.

#17. The Naughty A-Listers

An inappropriate and eyebrow-raising name for a bunch of freaks who aren’t afraid to show their wild side.

#18. The Festivus Freaks

This name is an option that will give a team legendary status. No matter how many years pass, people will still remember you as the best part of the night.

#19. The Stocking Stuffers

At first glance, this name seems rather safe. In fact, it might even be considered cute. But if you think about it, you’ll see why it is the perfect name for all mischievous people who are at the top of Santa’s naughty list.

#20. The Rooftop Rebels

If you need a team name that is appropriate but still implies that you all have a rebellious streak somewhere deep inside, look no further.

Creative Christmas Team Names


#21. The Winterfell Lads

Are you and your friends massive Game of Thrones fans, and is the noble house of Stark your favorite? If so, this name is a fantastic way to honor that. Besides being an obvious nod to the book and TV series, it also fits into the wintery vibe of the holidays.

In case your group has some ladies as well, you can easily adapt the name into The Winterfell Bunch. Generally speaking, you can pick any gender-neutral name that you like.

#22. The Christmas Carolers

Whether you are organizing a singing contest or just a regular game night, you should definitely consider this name. It’s excellent for singers, Dickens lovers, or just that one happy bunch that makes every party unforgettable.

#23. The TREEmendous Players

This name has it all — it is Christmassy, fun, and easy to remember. Plus, anyone who chooses it will have no trouble winning any game you might be paying.

#24. The Christmas Knights

Ideal for charades, pub quizzes, or heated UNO card tournaments, this name will let everyone know that your group is there to win it all.

#25. Mighty Candy Canes

If you need a name that will show that your group is equally cute and dangerous, this one should be your number one choice. To take things up a notch, you could all also dress up in candy cane-inspired outfits.

#26. The Disco Divas

The Disco Divas win every single dance or music competition out there. When they’re around, the other teams simply stand no chance.

#27. The Sugar Rush Elves

Are some members of your friend group always bursting with energy? In that case, this name will suit them flawlessly.

#28. The Wild Stallions

The Wild Stallions are exactly as their name sounds — untamable, unrestrained, and fierce. In other words, they are a team that you should never underestimate.

#29. The Rowdy Rudolphs

This name celebrates Santa’s cutest and most famous helper — Rudolph. To completely commit to the part, you and your teammates should all wear red noses. If you do so, you’ll be easily recognizable, and you’ll get some amazing photos that will help you remember this year’s Christmas party forever.

#30. The Jingle Belles

If you love Jingle Bell Rock and your group is a perfect combination of beauty and brains, this name will suit you perfectly. Put it on T-shirts or cozy holiday jumpers, and you’ll get a wonderful memento of your friendship.

#31. Merry Quizmas

If you’re planning a quiz night, this can be the name of the entire night. However, it is just as suitable for the name of one of the participating groups.

#32. Sleigh Whaaaaat?

As far as clever team names go, this one definitely takes the cake. It is also an incredibly memorable catchphrase, which can become a staple whenever someone gets something wrong or loses.

#33. The Christmas Miracle

Is your team always losing, no matter how hard you try to win or at least do well? You might need a name that will help you finally turn your fortune around. Since there’s nothing more magical than Christmas miracles, you might just become the night’s unlikeliest winners.

#34. The Winter Warlocks

The Winter Warlocks is a name that only the toughest boys pick. If you want to show your opponents who’s the boss, look no further.

#35. The Silent Knights

This name is for all the underdogs and those who no one ever expects to win. You might be quiet and chill, but you’ll be coming for blood this holiday season.

#36. Lonely This Christmas

Are you and your friends single this Christmas? Worry not, because it’s never too late to find the ones for you. In the meantime, celebrate your status and put an end to all the teasing with this quirky name no one will be able to forget anytime soon.

#37. Not-So-Silent Night

No matter how popular the song Silent Night is, sometimes parties have to get a little loud. If your group takes it upon themselves to ensure everyone is having a blast, this name will be more than fitting for you.

#38. The Snow It Alls

When you keep winning all your trivia and pub quiz nights, you soon get a reputation of being a know-it-all. Well, this holiday season, you should celebrate that! Nothing will be more suitable than giving your group this name. After all, your knowledge and prowess should be well-known!

#39. The Three Wise Men

In case you need the ultimate name for your manly trio, this smarty option will have you covered. Besides being memorable, it will also give your team an air of superiority that will surely intimidate the rest of your group.

#40. The Mistletoes

Sometimes, it is best to keep things classy and sweet. This evergreen name will help you do that while still reminding everyone that you are not to be messed with, no matter how cute your name is.

#41. The Holiday Hooplas

In reality, there is no limit to how quirky you can get when choosing a name for your team. So, don’t be scared to go all the way and pick a name as funny as The Holiday Hooplas.

#42. The Three Wise Women

To piggyback off of #39, here is a name for your favorite trio of strong and unstoppable women. After all, the debate about the wisest gender is still hot and relevant.

Clever Christmas Team Names


#43. The ChristMassive Gang

If your team has way too many members, this name will be a superb fit. And when you win, no one will be able to forget you!

#44. Hanukkah Hulks

In case Christmas isn’t the only holiday our team is celebrating, a clever name like this is just what you need. You’ll be noticed by everyone, and you’ll get to celebrate your own traditions and religion.

#45. Not So Great Expectations

It seems that Dickens is simply inescapable when it comes to holiday team names! This option comes from his classic novel, Great Expectations.

However, as you can see, there is a twist. For your team, the expectations are anything but great. So, don’t be embarrassed — embrace it. You never know; this name might just jinx you to actually do well.

#46. Whiskeypedia

This name is yet another great option for quiz and trivia lovers. It combines the things you love most — good booze and knowledge! It might fool your opponents into thinking you’re too drunk to be dangerous, which is the perfect cover you can use for winning.

#47. The Nine Niners

Perfect for all the fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, this name symbolizes teamwork, nerdiness, and quick thinking. If you pick it, you might just be able to channel your best inner Amy Santiago and Raymond Holt and win it all!

#48. The Naughty List

Have you been bad this past year? Worry not, because even if you don’t get anything from Santa, you can still win all your group activities and games! With this name, no one will dare cross you.

#49. ELFabet Soup

This name is just completely goofy. However, that’s what makes it so unique and memorable. In any case, if you love elves AND you’re a big fan of alphabet soup, you have found the perfect name for your team!

Cute Christmas Team Names


#50. The Angels

Beneath it all, Christmas is still a religious holiday. So, it is fitting to choose a name that will reflect that.

However, this name works even better if the group wearing it is not really angelic. In that case, it’s just a great joke that anyone who knows them will instantly get.

#51. The Sparkling Snowflakes

The Sparkling Snowflakes is a name for a group whose members shine wherever they go. To ensure you truly deserve the name, dress in white and silver, and wear as many sparkly accessories as you can get your hands on.

#52. Sugar Plum Angels

This name is as sweet as the dessert it is based on. Thus, if you and your girlfriends need an option that will help you stand out and in the cutest way possible, you have found it.

#53. The Holly Berries

You can make this name even funnier and cuter if each person in the group dresses up in the color of a berry. For example, someone can wear pink for raspberries, another person blue for blueberries, and so on. Needless to say, your group will be remembered long after the party is over.

#54. The Fruitcakes

As far as we are concerned, no Christmas party is complete without some delicious fruitcakes. If you and your friends are just as essential to your group, this name is all you need to prove it.

#55. Truth or Deer

This one is for all truth or dare lovers. Even if you won’t be playing this particular game at the party, the name is still a great and festive way to make your group stand out.

#56. Tree’s a Crowd

Is our game played in pairs? If so, this name is a good choice for a dynamic duo that doesn’t need anyone else in order to thrive and win every single game.

#57. The ELFmade Men

Aside from being cute, this name is also incredibly clever. After all, why be self-made men when elf-made ones are so much better? Memorable and witty, the name will help you make everyone laugh as soon as they see it.

#58. Sleigh-ing It!

If your team is made up of born winners, you should let the world know! Luckily, with a name as funny and smart as this one, everyone will know that they’re dealing with the future kings and queens of Christmas immediately!

#59. The Band of Snowmen

Snowmen are quintessential symbols of winter and, by default, the holiday season. If they are your favorites, you can honor them by giving your team this adorable name.

#60. The Garland Guild

This option works best if you and your teammates incorporate some fancy garlands into your outfits. Throw them over your shoulders, wrap them around your necks, or simply use them as innovative but stylish belts — either way, you cannot go wrong.

#61. The Twinkling Stars

The Twinkling Stars is an ideal name for all of you who are the brightest guests at any party. Make sure to dress in bright and happy colors — yellow gold work best — and you will truly be the stars of the night!

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