Essential Tools for Your Workshop

essential tools for your workshop

Is there anything worse than getting stuck into a project and being caught out by a shortage in equipment? It’s best to be prepared from the outset. Our list of essential workshop items can help you do just that.

• Button batteries

If you regularly embark on tinkering projects, you’ll want to keep a healthy supply of button batteries available at places such as RS to hand. Most portable devices take button batteries, so if you like this kind of project, button batteries will be a staple for you.

• Sandpaper

Sandpaper is an absolute must for DIY projects. If you do a lot of projects, you may want to buy a large quantity of 60, 100, 150, 200 and 220 grit sandpaper to make sure you’re never short of sanding products.

You could even buy an electric sander, and then keep the specified sandpaper type it requires in stock.

• Wood glue

When you’re building items made of wood, you won’t want to run out of wood glue. Glue can give you a much stronger hold than wood screws alone.

Different wood glues serve different purposes. Keep this in mind when deciding what to add to your stock.

PVA glue is suited to projects with dry wood and tight-fitting joints (make sure you get a waterproof variety if you’re using it for outdoor projects).

For outdoor projects that involve tight-fitting joints and wood straight from the timber yard, polyurethane glue is a good one to have. You’ll get great water resistance from this product.

• Pencils and pencil sharpener

Pencils and pencil sharpeners are among the most basic of essentials but also tend to go missing the most! Buy plenty of pencils and keep them in a reliable location to lessen your chances of falling into this predicament.

And if you just can’t stop losing your sharpener no matter what you try, mechanical pencils could be a game-changer. Not only do they eliminate the need for a sharpener, but they also create a more precise line on paper as well.

• Mineral spirits

Mineral spirits are commonly used as a paint thinner. But this isn’t all they are good for. They also make an excellent cleaning product.

Stay on top of the mineral spirits supply and you’ll be able to reach for this product whenever you have dirty paint brushes or a paint spill to clean up.

They’re also good for degreasing vehicle parts, banishing scuff marks on your floors and cleaning garden tools.

The versatility of mineral spirits is not to be underestimated, and for this reason, it is a crucial supply for your workshop.

DIY projects are much more fun when they’re not disrupted by trips to the hardware shop. Ensure you have the right quantity of these products to hand before you get started and you can fix and create things to your heart’s content.

Gretchen Walker
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