Trends Of Digital Online Activities In Australia

trends of digital online activities in australia

The internet and smartphones have changed the entertainment world. Online gaming is an entertainment that has seen explosive growth in recent times. The pandemic is another reason for users preferring online gaming activities. Worldwide, the industry has made a revenue of $175.8 billion in 2021.

In Australia, the industry has generated a revenue of $3.4 billion in 2021. The revenue is expected to increase more in the coming years. The high-speed internet, convenience, and appealing multimedia additions have made the industry popular. Here are some of the top-rated online gaming activities that Australians love to indulge in as per our expert analysts.


Online poker has grown in popularity over the years with users favoring both the online and offline(land-based) versions. Australians are not an exception with more and more Aussies playing poker online.

The gaming culture is flourishing and online gaming has made it even more appealing. Aussies enjoy playing casual and professional poker. With the pandemic, there is a shift to online gaming.

Now there are a greater number of poker fans than before due to the convenience that online offers. Further, the various versions, titles, and styles of poker present now add to the attraction of the game.

As per the latest research, Aussie poker fans prefer online poker to land-based variety. The convenience, high rewards, and exciting versions have them hooked to their mobile devices and computers. They have started frequenting top online Australian poker sites for real money like the ones found at Top 10 Poker Sites.


Minecraft is a hugely popular online game where players build different landscapes using blocks. This 3D game by Markus Persson, a Swedish game developer, is actively created by Mojang and promoted by Microsoft Studios.

Unlike the usual online games that feature action and adventure sequences in detail, this game is unique. It focuses on building different landscapes that encourage creativity in players and develops their thinking skills and resourcefulness. One of the game’s spin-offs titled, Story Mode had 91 million active players per month.

Dota 2

Created by Valve, this is a multiplayer game that has players playing in groups of 5 members. You can choose a character that you can control and use your talent to destroy enemy units and enemy bases to increase your points.

Dota (Defence of the Ancients) 2 released in 2013 is similar to the League of Legends game. Both have similar gameplay features. While League of Legends is all about team strategy Dota 2 is popular because of its basic game mechanics.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)

Launched in 2013, the popularity of Grand Theft Auto is phenomenal. It has numerous options for upgrades and customization making it fun to play on your gaming console or your computer. The game has first person and third person perspectives to choose from for players.

The chief reason for the game’s popularity is because of the online mode. The mode is popular among a majority of the game’s fans. The constant updates and role-playing ensure its popularity keeps growing.

Why online gaming is popular?

Gaming is essentially enjoyed best when you play with others. But online gaming is rapidly replacing conventional gaming formats. There are many reasons for this change.


While playing online, you can remain anonymous. For many players, the privacy this anonymity offers is liberating. They may not want others to know their playing style. This is particularly true if you are on the learning curve and trying out new tactics. You can be relaxed and avoid being anxious about making errors.

Hone your skill

Online gaming provides the best environment for learning and practicing your gaming tactics. With proper practice, it is easier to play offline and online. You can easily apply winning strategies and ace the game.

Technological advances

Online gaming has grown a lot in recent years. You can play multiple games at a time thanks to the advanced tech used in the industry now.

Many players love the ability to play multiple games at the same time. The excitement and higher returns are big attractions. Some players see it as a challenge to hone their skills and make them proficient.


Unlimited access to various games is a big benefit of online gaming. For instance, playing poker in real life needs elaborate preparation.

With online, you can start playing with a single click. You get to play your favorite title any time of the day and from anywhere. For people who work at odd hours, the flexibility is a great boon.

Benefits of online gaming

More and more people are turning to online gaming as a main form of entertainment. But entertainment is not the only reason for the popularity. It is also an excellent way to educate adults and children.

There are many educational games that help teach children science, math, and other subjects. The interactive way of teaching makes learning the subjects easier.

With multiplayer games, the format also favors socialization. You can play with friends from all parts of the world. Online gaming forums serve as a great opportunity to discuss gameplay and other mutually interesting topics.

Chat rooms, communities, and social media platforms also serve to share an interest in the games and other passions.


Online gaming is growing in popularity at a rapid rate. As gamers spend more and more of their time online, the sector is improving in many aspects. Higher internet speed and gaming innovations are just a few samples of improvements occurring in the sector.

Real-money gaming is increasingly sought-after by many. The opportunity to have fun and earn money is hard to desist. With fans having plenty of options to choose from the growth of the sector is expected to reach new levels in the future.

However, gamers need to apply caution while spending time on the games. When it comes to gambling the rule of thumb is to never bet more than you can afford to lose. Whether it is gaming or playing casino games like poker, responsible use of your time and effort is needed to maintain a balance.

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