17 Ideas to Get Revenge on Someone Without Getting Caught

how to get revenge on someone without them knowing it was you

While taking revenge will cost you the moral high ground, sometimes it’s the only way to get justice and some peace of mind. Still, payback can be a bit tricky, so you need to be careful and think everything through before you act as not to get caught.

To help you with it, we have prepared a few ideas on how to get revenge on someone without them knowing it was you. Let’s check them out!

17 Creative Ways to Get Back at Someone

If someone goes out of their way to hurt or humiliate you, they probably do it because they enjoy seeing your reaction.

Therefore, in most instances, the best way to get back at the person who wronged you is to completely forget about them, move on with your life, and be happy. That way, you show them that they have next to no importance and they will leave you alone.

That being said, some offenses are too extreme to be overlooked. In such cases, revenge is in order, but it needs to be served cold. Here are 17 great ideas on how to get revenge on someone without them knowing it was you.

Retribution Ideas for a Person You Live With or Whose Home You Have Access to

If you hold a grudge against a family member, a cousin, a friend, or your boyfriend/girlfriend, here are a few ways you can get back at them.

1. Hide Something Smelly In Their Car

This move is an oldie but goldie. It only takes a bit of creativity to think of the perfect hiding place and find an opportunity to dump your foul-smelling present. Of course, you can also leave it in the person’s home or room.

2. Drip Honey on Their Things


This one goes for both people you live with and those you work or go to school with. All you need is a bit of honey and a small window of opportunity to drip it on their clothes, books, desk, chair, etc.

3. Put Food Coloring Into Their Main Water Line

The third idea on how to get revenge on someone without them knowing it was you is to put food coloring into the main water line. Imagine the person’s shock and horror when suddenly water turns red or black!

4. Move Their Car to a Different Spot

Get up early and move their car further down the street or block. That way, they will be completely stumped about where their vehicle is and lose plenty of time trying to locate it.

5. Remove Their House Key From the Keychain

Before the person who wronged you leaves the house, remove their house key from their keychain and leave it at home. There will be an unpleasant surprise waiting for them when they return from a long day at work. The best part of it? They will just assume the key fell off on its own.

6. Change Their Phone Settings

When the person is not looking, change their phone settings to a foreign language, such as Chinese or French. This revenge is harmless but frustrating enough since it will take them some time until they find a way to change it back.

7. Wire Their Car Horn to Their Brakes

Depending on how far you are willing to go, this move can be a great retaliation. However, you might need a professional mechanic to help you out. Still, if you manage to pull it off, it will be hilarious!

8. Hide Their High-Use Things

Effective revenge can be as simple as that. Hide the person’s phone charger, favorite piece of makeup or clothing, shoe, or anything they love or use on a daily basis. To make sure they don’t suspect you, you can even help them search for it — all the while enjoying their frustration.

Revenge Ideas for Someone You Don’t Live With

Getting back at someone you don’t have easy access to might be a bit trickier — but definitely not impossible! Check out the following ideas on how to get revenge on someone without them knowing it was you!

9. Saran-wrap Their Car

One way you can get back at someone without causing any lasting damage is to cover their car in plastic wrap. Just imagine your nemesis waking up early Monday morning for work only to find out their car is tightly wrapped.

It will take them some time to get rid of all the plastic wrap as they will have to be careful not to damage the paint job and might even be late for work. Way to ruin someone’s entire week!

This revenge will require some planning ahead, and you need to be very careful not to make noise while you do it. Also, make sure there are no cameras around.

10. Put Wet Ink on their Car’s Door Handle


The next idea on how to get revenge on someone without them knowing it was you involves wet ink. You can get very creative with wet ink. But one way you can use it is to put it on the inner side of their car’s door handle. Similar to the idea above, this is a perfect way to ruin someone’s morning — or their shirt.

11. Sign Them Up for Spam Mail

A proven way to annoy someone for a long time is to sign them up for online or offline spam mail. So, spend an hour or two visiting the most obnoxious web pages and subscribe your target to every one of them.

Furthermore, visit the nearest newsstand and buy magazines about gardening, dolls, Spanish soap operas, knitting, and everything else you find interesting. Next, find subscription coupons and fill them out with the person’s details.

Soon, their mailbox and inbox will be filled with junk mail and spam. Continue doing this for as long as you want.

12. Put Stickers All Over Their Locker

This move will do great in schools, gyms, at work, etc. Just buy My Little Pony stickers and have fun! Then, sit back and enjoy weeks or even months of humiliating jokes your nemesis will have to endure.

13. Put Post It-Notes On Their Car

Again, this will take you some time to accomplish, so make sure there are no cameras around and that you have time to do it properly.

14. Spray Adhesive on Their Keyboard

An office edition on how to get revenge on someone without them knowing it was you can look like this. You only need to make sure to arrive a bit early at the office and prepare for the show.

15. Have Someone Prank Call Their Office Phone

Get a friend on board and have them prank call the person that offended you the entire day. Your friend doesn’t have to say anything — they only need to be persistent. So, while you are sitting innocently in your office, you can enjoy watching your colleague getting more irritated by the hour.

16. Send a Prank Voodoo Doll to Their Home

Look for an online prank company that sells custom-made gag voodoo dolls. Imagine their shock when they open the surprise package in 3 – 10 business days. Also, you can make it even more interesting by sending a box of needles and a message along.

17. Sign Them Up for Wake-Up Call Service

The last idea on how to get revenge on someone without them knowing it was you involves a free online wake-up call service. Learn your enemy’s phone number and sign them up for a wake-up call.

Moreover, choose the most inconvenient time, such as the middle of the night or the crack of dawn. You can be sure they will be furious when an annoying message wakes them up from a peaceful slumber.

Furthermore, if the person has really hurt you, you can schedule them for a wake-up call every hour of the night. Of course, you can expect them to block the number eventually, so make sure you sign them up for a different service each day.

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