Get Creative: 21 Ideas for Journals

ideas for journals

Are you looking for some inspirational ideas for journals to get your creative juices flowing? Do you love collecting notebooks, but you’re completely baffled about what to write in them?

Buying a journal is one thing, but using it regularly is something entirely different! To be fair, if you’ve hoarded your fair share of empty notebooks over the years, you’re not alone.

It may seem funny, but even non-writers can develop writer’s block. Just consider how many times you’ve started and stopped writing in your journal, due to lack of interest, or because you can’t come up with something to write down.

But hopefully, after reading these ideas for journals, you’ll finally be ready to use yours to its full potential! So, here are 21 amazing ways to fill up your journal!

Practical Ideas for Journals You Should Try Out


1. Daily Planner

Most people will forgo writing in a journal simply because they feel as if their life isn’t exciting enough to write about. But, when you think about it, even the most insignificant events are a part of your life.

So, when you wake up, take some time to write about what you plan on doing throughout the day. Write down any chores, dinner plans, basically anything that comes to mind. Doing so will help you stay organized throughout the day.

Even better, take a few minutes before going to bed to take a look at which activities you’ve completed, versus which ones you haven’t gotten to.

2. Diary

Diaries aren’t just for teenagers anymore. In fact, keeping a diary can do wonders to improve your mental health. If you’re struggling with something in your life, but are having trouble pinpointing exactly what is bothering you, writing about your daily activities will paint a picture of your day.

From there, you’ll be able to determine which aspects of your life you would like to improve on.


Sometimes, reading an inspirational quote in the morning is all it takes to get you ready for the day ahead. So, why not write down some of your favorite ones in your journal?

These quotes don’t have to be from famous people. Just write down something that you feel inspires you. You can even make some up yourself. And if you’re having trouble getting started, take a look at these quotes.

4. Life Goals

Everyone has one or more goals they strive towards. But sometimes, with everything that’s going on in your life, you can forget what’s important to you. That’s why writing down your goal(s) is a great way to remind yourself of who you want to be.

What’s more, you should write about even the smallest things you would like to achieve in life. For example, you may want to finish a specific book or learn to play an instrument.

5. Achievements

Writing down your achievements is just as important as writing down your goals in life. It’s like giving yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

Regardless of how (in)significant they are, make it a point to add your achievements to your journal. By doing so, you will motivate yourself to keep at it!

6. Important Events

You can opt to write about any important events, regardless of whether they happened to you, or a complete stranger.

For example, you could write about the state of current politics, or perhaps something enjoyable that happened to you the other day. The main point of doing so is to write about how these events made you feel.

7. Dreams

You may be the kind of person that doesn’t think a lot about your dreams. However, your dreams can be a powerful source of information about what’s going on deep down in your subconscious.

Ultimately, the things you dream about could hold the answer to your most challenging problems. But, if you’re the type of person that tends to forget their dreams as soon as you wake up, you won’t be able to find that answer.

That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your journal next to your bed and write down everything you can remember about your dream as soon as you wake up. Moreover, make a note of how your dreams make you feel.

8. Prayers

Writing down a daily prayer is a good way to stay in touch with your spiritual side. Whether you’d like to add one from a religious book or make up a prayer of your own, doing so will lift your spirits and allow you to take on the world!

Fun and Creative Ideas for Journals


9. Sketches

Regardless of whether you’re an artist, or you just like to make a quick sketch when the inspiration hits you, using your journal as a sketchbook is a great way to stay creative. And who knows, you may even unlock a hidden talent!

10. Memories

If you love reminiscing about the past, then you should consider creating a memory journal, or a scrapbook. The great thing about this kind of project is that you can basically use the pages any way you see fit. You can write about specific events, or you can choose to add an object that reminds you of something (or someone) instead.

For example, you can tape a personal item to the pages such as a friendship bracelet, to remind you of your best friend. Or, you can add a letter you received from a loved one that you would like to read every so often. It’s completely up to you.

11. Bullet Journal

Whether you’re hoping to get a better handle on your daily tasks or you simply want an outlet to help you relax, making a bullet journal is a great idea.

Essentially, a bullet journal has sections where you can keep a daily to-do list, monthly/weekly calendar, keep track of your exercise, jot down notes, etc. But most importantly, bullet journals are incredibly fun to make!

If you’re someone who enjoys getting creative, then you’ll love customizing your own bullet journal. But if you’ve never created one before, here are a few useful tips to get you started.

12. Travel Journal

If you love to travel, keeping a travel journal is a must. In this journal, you can write down your experiences and add some pictures, and write down your overall feeling about each place you visited.

The great thing about a travel journal is that you can go back and read about your most precious memories whenever you like.

13. Letters to a Loved One

If you’re having a hard time expressing your feelings toward someone, writing a letter to that person could help you overcome your shyness. In this letter, you can tell them how much they mean to you, and let yourself be vulnerable.

The best part is that these letters are for your eyes only, and after a while, you will most likely build up the courage to tell them how you feel in person.

14. Letters to Someone Who Has Passed Away

If someone near and dear to your heart has recently passed away, there’s a good chance you have a lot left unsaid. In fact, most people don’t get to say goodbye to their loved ones before they pass away, so writing letters to that person could actually help you get some much-needed closure.

Smart and Useful Ideas for Journals


15. Budget Tracker

It’s not always easy to stay on budget. However, keeping track of your earnings versus your spendings can do wonders to help you stay accountable.

Most importantly, you can determine if there’s something you should cut back on during the month. For example, you may be spending more money than you thought on take-out, or perhaps your clothing allowance could use some improvement.

16. Meal Plan

Regardless of whether or not you’re following a specific diet plan, keeping track of what you eat during the week is an amazing way to stay healthy.

Most people aren’t even aware of how many calories they consume throughout the day, so tracking “calories in, versus calories out” will help you either maintain, lose, or gain weight (depending on what your goal is).

On the other hand, if you have a busy schedule, and you’re having a hard time figuring out what to cook for your family, instead of keeping a food journal, you can create a weekly meal plan for your entire family.

17. Recipes

If you like the idea of creating a meal plan, you’ll likely want to add a few recipes to your journal. Whether or not you decide to write them by hand, or print and tape them to each page, keeping a recipe journal will take the pressure off coming up with meals on a daily basis.

Miscellaneous Ideas for Journals


18. Interesting Facts

Every person hears at least one interesting fact throughout the day. But the problem is — unless they write them down, there’s a good chance they’ll forget what they heard within a few minutes.

So, why not use your journal to write down every interesting fact you learn or idea you come up with during the day?

19. Book or Movie Lists

If you love reading books, then using your journal to write down books you’ve read is a great idea. You can make a list of books you’ve read, as well as a list of books you’d like to read.

The same goes for movies. Additionally, you should consider rating your entries, so you know which movies are worth watching again.

20. Hobby Journal

If your hobby is trying out new hobbies, keeping track of your projects is a must! Regardless of whether you’re into making jewelry or sewing, a journal can help you keep up with your goals.

Furthermore, you can use your journal to jot down rough ideas, measurements for projects, items you need to purchase, etc. By doing so, you will have a record of all your work, so you don’t have to start from scratch each time.

21. Multipurpose Journal

If after reading these ideas for journals, you still don’t know how to use yours, then making a multipurpose journal could be the best solution.

It’s not uncommon for people to start using a journal for one purpose, and then lose interest in writing in it after a while. But that’s the great thing about journals ㅡ they don’t have an expiration date!

If you start using your journal to write down quotes, but suddenly decide that you’d rather turn it into a dream diary, don’t rip out the pages. Instead, use your journal for multiple purposes.

You can write down anything and everything that comes to mind, add lists, schedules, etc. It is, after all, your journal, so anything goes!

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