5 Easy And Cheap Tips For Keeping Your Kids Entertained During The Holidays

keeping your kids entertained

As if the holidays weren’t expensive enough, thinking about entertaining the kids for weeks while they’re on a break from school is another added worry for already overstretched parents.

Fear not, this article is here help you out with easy and cheap tips for keeping your kids entertained during the holidays.

Holiday Stress No More

If you’re feeling a little overworked and stressed at this time of year, take a break, grab yourself a hot chocolate, and try to enjoy the season. Spending time with your kiddos can help make all the hard work worth it in the end!

Here are a few ideas to keep the kids out of your hair while keeping them busy and safe.

1. Make Holiday Gifts

Even if you’re not a crafty person, make sure to get the kids involved in making gifts.

Crafting is fun and cheap, and it’s a great learning opportunity for kids of all ages. Get the kids involved in the entire process by letting them pick the project and make a hand-print into a gift tag!

Even if your child isn’t old enough to write their name yet, they can still help by crumpling up bits of paper or sticking stickers on various crafts, and kids of all ages love painting!

2. Get Out and Play

Holiday stress can be beaten by getting out and playing. Don’t always leave kids at home and play with their sustainable Australian made toys.

Kids love to play outside when the weather is nice, so even if it’s cold out, try to get them outside for some fun.

If your climate is mild, take advantage of the beautiful fall weather by going on a little walk or run, or find a local playground with all sorts of different equipment. Both indoor and outdoor play can help kids unwind, so go all out!

3. Watch Your Favorite Holiday Movie Together

If a movie is your kids’ favorite, then make it even more special by watching it together.

Take time to discuss the plot and characters of your favorite holiday movie, especially if it is deep and meaningful. It will only take a few hours, but boy does it feel like a whole day!

This activity can be upgraded by paying attention to your setting. Grab the snacks, have everyone sitting on bean bag chairs, and dim the lights for that movie theatre feel.

4. Go for a Walk

Get out for some fresh air and sunshine. You can walk around the neighborhood or head to the park or mall. It’s something so easy, but it will be the best thing you do all day.

Be sure to bring a book or your iPad and headphones for this trip, as it will help both you and your child stay entertained throughout the walk.

5. Make a Playlist

A playlist of holiday-themed songs can turn any holiday outing into a party!

Gather up some friends (or other family members) and have a sing-a-long with your favorite holiday tunes. It will really bring you closer together as a family!

However, if your kids aren’t old enough to follow along, or are too shy to sing in public, just make them their own playlist on your phone. Download the songs that you know they love and play them for them in your car on the way to wherever you’re going.

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