How To Promote Your Business With Text Messaging

promote your business with text messaging

Almost everyone has a phone nowadays. The flexibility and ubiquity of smartphones makes it easier to communicate in real time like we’ve never been able to before. They’re also ideal for sending a marketing message to a large audience using SMS marketing.

SMS messages (short messaging service) are a popular marketing tool among most businesses today. They have a wide reach, generate plenty of interest in products, and have a low cost of entry.

When organizations want to get in touch with their customer base quickly and promote items to them, SMS is often the way to do it.

Although many businesses use simple text to get their messages across, it’s also possible to use MMS, or multimedia messaging service, to send more content – rich promotions to customers.

This ultimately increases engagement and convinces them to patronize your business or become regular clients. So how can you leverage text message marketing to your advantage? In this article, we’ve highlighted a few ways to do so. Check it out below.

Give A Freebie For Signing Up

Convincing people to sign up for a mailing list is difficult at best. But the challenges inherent in such activities aren’t impossible to overcome. One way that tends to work pretty well for convincing people to sign up is to offer them an incentive for doing so.

A free item, whether it’s a discount code or a complimentary promotional item, can truly go the distance to convincing bolts that signing up to your list is worth one. Once they sign up, the text messaging software can do the rest.

It can send them a text, followed by a quick text message providing a discount or free thing for your valued customers. A freebie can increase customer retention done correctly, making it a worthwhile marketing tool or any organization.

Offer Surveys

Another unique way to engage with your clientele and give them a reason to sign up for your marketing communications is offering surveys to solicit their feedback about various things.

Surveys are cost-effective, can reach a wide and diverse audience, and are a quick route to learning about customer behavior while gathering relevance/important data. You can offer a link to a web-based survey, ask a few simple questions and messages, and conduct a poll through text message.

Surveys can provide plenty of valuable data solicited directly from your customers. Companies can use the data to improve marketing, measure their success, and give the customers what they want.

Provide Discounts

Surveys and freebies are great incentives for customers, but you can’t go wrong with providing regular and frequent discounts. People love to get discounts on items. It can be as simple as a buy one get one free promotion, 20% off coupon, or a loyalty program that allows customers to spend a certain amount and receive cash back.

These are all sound options for providing discounts. Discounts get customers coming back and are the ideal use for your text messaging campaign.

Keep Them Updated On Promotions

As a company attempting to make money, establish a strong/loyal customer base, and run a successful business, it makes sense to use text message marketing. Text message marketing is a great way to keep people updated on essentially anything that’s happening with your business.

From special promotions to offering coupons, text message marketing lets you reach a large audience with minimal effort. In this manner, you can boost engagement and convince more people to sign up for your list. Text messaging is affordable and easy to implement into a marketing strategy as well.

Mass texting software for marketing lets you reach that audience using plenty of amazing features like message scheduling, MMS integration, bulk texts, and more. Just be sure not to inundate or annoy your customers, offer an ability to unsubscribe, and respect their privacy.

Solicit Feedback

Obtaining high quality and regular feedback from your customers is key to performing well at your organization. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been an established business for a long time or if you’re just getting started.

Feedback becomes a valuable tool when you can use it to inform a decision or alter a marketing campaign based on what your customers desire. Feedback can come in many forms.

You can send out surveys, cards, use social media, offer a form on your website, or use your text messaging marketing to connect with people on your list. By using their feedback to improve your operation, you’ll find ways to retain customers and profitability well into the future.

Gretchen Walker
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