The Most Popular Betting Features, Bonuses, And Options for Sports Betting in Canada

sports betting in canada

Sports betting has been growing in popularity in almost all parts of the world, especially in countries where betting is legal. This usually applies to Europe, but countries like Canada also fall into this section because users can find a wide range of betting websites.

There are several big names in Canada that have a lot to offer, but a good choice of a bookmaker you should look into if you’re in Canada is Betano because of its experience. As one of the few world-famous iGaming brands that sponsor some of the best teams in the world, Betano is on a different level regarding the options it offers.

While talking about options, Canadian sports bettors are privileged because they have the chance to use all kinds of things. Brands like Betano and other world-class sites have much to offer, so let’s look at a few things that stand out. Remember that the sports betting industry keeps improving, so bettors may have access to even more things in the future.

Live Betting

The first and most popular feature of online sports betting that people can try out is called Live Betting, but some operators may offer it as In-Play. As its name implies, this option allows people who bet on sports to wager on live events.

Many inexperienced punters may think that there is no point in betting on live events because they are riskier. This is true up to a point, but most people like doing it because of the additional betting options.

Wagering on live events allows users to try new markets and use dynamic odds. What’s more, In-Play is one of the things that gives online bettors the option to use additional features that we will discuss in just a bit.

Specific regarding In-Play

Before moving on to another feature, it’s important to remember that not all bookmarks will allow people to bet on live events right away. Betano is an exception, but there are sites where clients can only use this feature once they sign up and have made at least a couple of deposits. Therefore, keep an eye on the Terms and Conditions before using this or a separate feature.

Live Streaming

As mentioned earlier, live betting is very popular among online sports betting fans because it is the platform that lets them use other features. The most popular one lets clients watch sports matches in real time, and most bookmakers call it live streaming.

Despite being among the most popular features in online betting in Canada, live streaming has a lot of specifics. First, this option is only available for a couple of sports (usually soccer). Second, people will need to use additional software to watch the games in real time.

Speaking of the sports you can watch and bet on, soccer matches from the Premier League and eSports are the two big things that come to mind. Although sports betting fans in Canada usually like ice hockey and basketball, the sites won’t always allow them to watch matches as they unfold.

Cash Out

The next sports betting feature that Betano’s customers in Canada can put to the test is called Cash Out. It has to be the most popular and sought-after option in online sports betting because of its benefits. That’s one of the big reasons why it is available in many countries and by loads of online bookmakers.

Cash Out is the feature that gives sports betting fans more control over their bets. Albeit not available all the time, the leading bookies will let punters use it when wagering on most markets.

Once sports bettors decide to use this feature, they can settle their bet even if the match is ongoing. When they do this, the bookmaker will give them a specific amount of money that depends on many things, such as the current results and whether it’s likely to predict their bet.

Remember that Cash Out is one of the sports betting features you must be careful with because some bonuses won’t allow you to use it. You can learn more information about whether the feature is available when using a specific offer by reading the promos’ rules.

Bet Builder

Some of the top bookmakers in Canada and other parts of the world often provide slightly more exotic betting features. One of them is called Bet Builder, allowing users to place a bet that consists of several markets from the same event. In other words, the feature allows them to be more creative and come up with unique bets.

Players need to be aware of some specifics regarding Bet Builder. The most important one is that users can’t wager on markets that can’t be used together. For example, you can not create a Bet Builder and wager that one of the two teams will win in the same bet.

Another rule about Bet Builder you will find on most bookmakers in Canada is about the odds and the fact that they might be a bit lower than usual when creating a bet with this feature. This is usually true when using an offshore betting website, but most sites in Canada try to provide good odds.

Bet Swap

The last popular option that people can put to the test is known as Bet Swap, and it is only available on the best gambling websites in the world. Bet Swap in sports betting allows people to change some of the markets they’ve bet on even after the bet has been placed. Usually, gamblers use it when they’ve made a mistake, but there are punters who take advantage of the option when they want to have access to higher odds.

Bet Swap can have many specifics, depending on the bookmaker you’re using in Canada. Some websites only allow people to use it on specific sports, but there are instances where bettors can only use it on certain teams/players.

Like Cash Out, Bet Swap is a feature that does not work well with most bonuses. So, if you decide to rely on it, check whether the offer you’re using will allow you to swap some of the markets after wagering.

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