Don’t Be a Word Bore: 202 Alternative Ways to Say Yes   

ways to say yes

English is one of the richest languages in the world. It offers many alternative words to make your conversations simple and interesting. For instance, there are many alternative English words for “yes” that you can use in your conversations to avoid sounding repetitive and boring. Here are the 202 alternative ways to say yes.

202 Different Ways to Say Yes

Funny Ways to Say Yes

Funny Ways

Sometimes it’s boring to keep answering funny questions with a “yes”. If this has been your experience all along, worry no more. Here are alternative ways to say yes in a funny way.

1. “You’re not giving me that much of a choice, huh?”
2. “Then, let’s seal it with a kiss.”
3. “Just be sure that we won’t get caught.”
4. “Life’s too short to be saying no.”
5. “Who put you up to this? Tell me!”
6. “Kiss my butt first.”
7. “Abso-f*kin-lutely!”
8. “My answer would probably be yes, but I forgot — I have another appointment!”
9. “Have you forgotten? I’m a yes-man!”
10. “Just be sure to pay me back later.”
11. “As long as I’m alive.”
12. “Thought you’d never ask!”
13. “Hell, you bet-cha, matey!”
14. “I’ll even kiss you!”
15. “Even my dog is saying yes.”
16. “It’s fine now. Why? Because I’m here!”
17. “Let’s say I agreed to this. But, can I still change my mind later?”
18. “Probably yes, but I’ll have my people call your people to discuss.”
19. “Life’s too short to be saying no.”
20. “You should know my answer by the way I’m nodding my head up and down.”
21. “Just be sure that we won’t go to jail for this.”
22. “If I say yes, will you give me a million bucks?”
23. “Preach!”
24. “What are we waiting for? Let’s close the deal!”
25. “Well then, what are we waiting for?”
26. “Hallelujah!”
27. “I want to have your babies.”
28. “There’s a chance that I might regret this, but—YOLO—let’s do it!”
29. “Even if I hate you, I would say yes to this one.”
30. “Say no more!”
31. “It would take a whole army to keep me from saying yes.”
32. “Right on the money!”
33. “Yes, yes, and yes!”
34. “If there’s a reward, I’m in!”
35. “You get my vote.”
36. “I’m here to the rescue!”
37. “I love you, so yeah.”
38. “I don’t have a choice, do I?”
39. “Let me check my schedule first. Oh, I’m available.”
40. “Take off your clothes because you’ve hit the spot!”
41. “Why, that’s the nicest offer I’ve had all day!”
42. “Give me a Y. Give me an E. Give me an S. Give me a Y-E-S!”
43. “A thousand times, yes!”
44. “A million times, yes!”
45. “Count me in!”
46. “No problem. I’m always happy to help.”
47. “Aye, sir!”
48. “I think we have a consensus.”
49. “I would like to express my full approval.”
50. “I’d be delighted.”
51. “Damn straight.”
52. “As you say.”
53. “Goddamn right!”
54. “I agree to the fullest!”
55. “Just say the word and I shall be there.”
56. “I agree.”
57. “Whatever! Let’s do this!”
58. “Let’s do it.”
59. “I’m happy to serve!”
60. “I gladly concur.”
61. “As long as it’s not impossible, I’d be glad to do it.”
62. “True enough!”
63. “Gotcha.”
64. “I’d be honored.”
65. “I know that you’re speaking the truth.”
66. “I couldn’t agree more.”
67. “I couldn’t disagree less.”
68. “It would be my honor.”
69. “It can’t be helped then.”
70. “I take your point.”
71. “I concur.”
72. “That is true.”
73. “I believe we have come to an agreement.”
74. “You owe me one.”
75. “My pleasure.”
76. “The deal is on!”
77. “I can’t argue with that!”
78. “We share the same sentiments.”

Creative Ways to Say Yes

Creative Ways

79. “Okey-dokey!”
80. “Aye aye, captain!”
81. “I was born for this!”
82. “You just stole the words out of my mouth.”
83. “I’m at your behest.”
84. “Definitely not NO.”
85. “Your wish is my command.”
86. “That would be a Y-E-S!”
87. “I guess it’s up to me now.”
88. “Hahaha, that’s true.”
89. “I have no option but to regrettably agree to this foolish idea of yours.”
90. “I’ll do anything for you.”
91. “I’m leaning towards what you desire.”
92. “You stole my brain!”
93. “You lead, I follow.”
94. “Right on, brother/sister.”
95. “Amen to that!”
96. “I do not disagree.”
97. “I believe that you speak the truth.”
98. “Let’s do a pinky swear.”
99. “I give you my blessing.”
100. “I hereby acknowledge what you’ve just said.”
101. “I give you my seal of approval.”
102. “What’s the opposite of no?”
103. “If I was a regular jerk, I’d say no to this one.”
104. “Is the mitochondria the powerhouse of the cell?”
105. “My two thumbs are standing in salute.”
106. “Is the sun hot?”
107. “My guts tell me that you are worth all the trouble.”
108. “Do fishes swim?”
109. “Something tells me I should trust you. But, I think it’s just your words.”
110. “Come on, humor me.”
111. “Is one plus one equal to two?”
112. “It appears that you have read my mind.”
113. “Are boogers salty?”
114. “Do pigeons fly?”
115. “I’ll answer you with my favorite ‘Y’ word — Yes!”
116. “Tell me more.”
117. “Is the pope catholic?”
118. “Is water wet?”
119. “Is the hypotenuse the longest side of a triangle?”
120. “Does a bear live in the woods?”
121. “Is the sky blue?”
122. “Like a dog wagging its tail in excitement!”
123. “I totally ‘scored’ getting asked by you. Yes!”
124. “How do you spell yes?”
125. “I haven’t said no yet, right?”
126. “Would I be too tall for you if I were standing on cloud 9?”
127. “Am I not holding my two thumbs up?”
128. “Would you take ‘yes’ for an answer?”
129. “There’s a 100% chance that I’m going say yes to that one.”

Formal Ways to Say Yes

Formal Ways

130. “I subscribe to your idea.”
131. “Agreed.”
132. “All right.”
133. “Certainly.”
134. “Consider it done.”
135. “Definitely.”
136. “Gladly.”
137. “I’m on it.”
138. “Of course.”
139. “Okay.”
140. “Sounds good.”
141. “Very well.”
142. “I acquiesce to your demand.”
143. “By all means.”
144. “It would be of great honor to me.”
145. “Great idea!”
146. “Then I’m giving you the go signal.”
147. “My answer is in the affirmative.”
148. “That’s the way!”
149. “Your idea nearly reflects all of my thoughts.”
150. “Absolutely.”
151. “Indubitably.”
152. “Indeed.”
153. “Undoubtedly.”
154. “Affirmative.”
155. “I’d be delighted.”

Informal Ways to Say Yes

Informal Ways

156. “Alright.”
157. “Cool.”
158. “I would love to, but there’s got to be a way to do it without killing myself.”
159. “Just in case, can I bring my pet monkey?”
160. “For sure.”
161. “I’d love to.”
162. “No doubt.”
163. “Oh yeah, baby!”
164. “I have examined your worthwhile view thoroughly. After close deliberation, I would say that I vehemently concur with the bases of your belief, and share your ideas on the said premise.”
165. “No problem.”
166. “No worries.”
167. “Roger.”
168. “Roger that.”
169. “I love you so much, that I’ll only agree with anything you say.”
170. “My enthusiastic nodding says it all.”
171. “You deserve a standing ovation for that idea.”
172. “Sounds like a plan.”
173. “Sounds good.”
174. “You deserve a round of applause.”
175. “Yes, my liege.”
176. “Sure, sure.”
177. “There is a huge possibility that you are correct.”
178. “Due to the unlikelihood of an error on your part, I am forced to toss my lot in with you.”
179. “Sure thing.”
180. “Totally.”
181. “I was hoping you’d ask.”
182. “I’ll put my life on the line just for you.”
183. “Without a doubt.”
184. “Ya.”
185. “I’m leaning towards yes, but what’s in it for me?”
186. “Upon close examination of the aforementioned data, I wholeheartedly accept your conclusion as plausible.”
187. “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”
188. “Go on, I’m listening intently.”
189. “I firmly believe that our views about the subject matter at hand are very similar.”
190. “Yep.”
191. “You bet.”
192. “The smile on my face says it all!”
193. “You are going to regret asking me this.”
194. “You’re a perfect 10!”
195. “You got it.”
196. “Yup.”
197. “The answer is a resounding yes!”
198. “You’ve gotta be kidding me!”

Rude or Defensive Ways to Say Yes

Defensive Ways

Sometimes you’ll be forced to agree to things you’re not okay with. Perhaps the things are stupid or obvious to you. Therefore, it feels quite offensive for the other person to continue asking for your approval. In that case, you may respond rudely or defensively just to make them see the sense.

199. “Obviously.”
200. “Duh.”
201. “OK!”
202. “Fine!”

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