Cute Names to Call Your Crush: 63 Sweet Ideas

cute names to call your crush

There are many ways you can express your love for another person — you can buy them a tasty snack, take them to see their favorite movie, or write them a cute love note. However, these are material gifts. There is an even simpler way to express how much someone means to you — give them a cute nickname!

A nickname is a sweet, unique way to bond with your crush and showcase just how well you know them. Whether it’s something cute, funny, or uniquely sweet, here are the best cute names to call your crush and show them how your love has no bounds!

Cute Names to Call Your Crush: From A to Z

Pet names are par for the course in every relationship. They don’t just show how much you love your significant other but also how much you know them. The type of nickname you choose for your crush can reflect your personality, interests, and the type of relationship you have.

Therefore, someone may choose a funny nickname for their crush because they value the humor in their relationship. Others use more traditional, cutesy nicknames to show their love, while someone else may go for a creative pet name to immortalize their partner’s favorite book or piece of media.

Regardless of what you’re looking for to give your crush, here are a few amazing ideas to inspire you!

1. Cute Nicknames for Your Crush


When it comes to love, there is nothing better than the classics. Admittedly, sappy pet names for your partner can come off as corny to many. However, you can’t deny they accurately capture that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you’re with your significant other.

Therefore, if you want to add some good old-fashioned corniness to your love life, here are some nicknames to consider:

• My love — Starting off this list is an absolute classic. Though calling your crush my love has been the norm for ages, people don’t really use it as much anymore. That’s why it can come off as extra romantic, especially if your crush is a sucker for lovey-dovey stuff.

• Darling — Yet another oldie, but goodie, darling can be both cute and funny, depending on how you say it. If you pronounce it properly, it can be a sophisticated way to express your love for your crush. However, if you say it with a mock British accent, then you will not only show them you love them but also make them smile!

• Baby — A quintessential nickname for your crush, baby, has just the right amount of cute and sexy to excite your crush.

• Babe — In case you want to pick something modern for your crush, then babe is the perfect option.

• Baby love — In case you can’t decide between baby or love for your crush’s nickname, don’t sweat it. You can now use both! Baby love combines two of the sweetest nicknames into one powerhouse of affection!

• Sugar — Everybody likes to add a little bit of sugar into their life to make it more exciting. Therefore, if you have a sweet tooth, calling your crush sugar is the sweetest, most earnest expression of love you can think of.

• Sweetie — This nickname follows the sugar theme. However, it goes a bit deeper into the cute territory. So if your crush enjoys cutesy pet names, consider using sweetie on them.

• Sweetheart — The heart is the international symbol of love. However, when you combine it with the word sweet, you get a cute nickname for your crush that is both saccharine and romantic!

• Honey — In case you like your sugar on the healthier side, then honey is the perfect nickname for your significant other. It’s sweet, sounds beautiful, and has just a hint of sexiness to make your crush feel beautiful.

• Honeybun — Another honey-themed combination nickname, honeybun sounds endearing. It also makes you think of honeybun cakes, a delicious sugary cake you’ll adore if you’re a fan of cinnamon rolls.

• King — This nickname may be the height of cheesiness. However, if you have absolute love and trust for your partner, calling them king can be a touching way to prove your feelings.

• Queen — Every king needs a queen! While king is an appropriate name for a boyfriend, queen is more suitable for a girlfriend. Plus, you and your partner can use these nicknames together to show just how strong your bond is.

• Babydoll — Back at it again with two-word nicknames with this entry. Babydoll is one of the best nicknames for a girlfriend because it just exudes feminine energy.

• Sunshine — When you think of sunshine, you think of several things — happiness, beauty, life, and joy. In short, it’s something that only evokes positive feelings. Therefore, it works as one of the most charming nicknames for your crush, especially if they’re a naturally energetic person.

• Angel — You don’t have to be spiritual to appreciate this nickname. Calling someone angel means you think they’re the kindest and most beautiful soul you’ve ever met. It’s the kind of romance that will make your crush’s heart melt!

• Pretty lady — If you’re in need of a sassy nickname for your girlfriend, then look no further than pretty lady! It’s a fun, bold, and slightly cheeky nickname for any fiery, bad girl.

• Cutie — Sometimes, the best way to let someone know how cute you think they are is to just call them cute! Cutie not only sounds sweet but will definitely give your crush a confidence boost!

• Cutie Pie — In case you want to take cute to the next level, consider combining it with pie! It sounds a bit corny, but it can also be endearing too. Plus, who doesn’t love pie!

Boo — While this nickname may make you think of ghosts and scary haunted house attractions, it also doubles as slang for a romantic partner.

• Doll — Calling your girlfriend doll is a very sexy way to let her know you think she’s flawless.

• Pumpkin — Naming your partner after food is the pinnacle of cuteness. And nothing tops the cuteness charts quite like pumpkin!

• Dumpling — Dumplings have a reputation as being one of the tastiest comfort foods out there. As a bonus, they also look cute, making this nickname a flawless choice for your crush!

• Muffin — While dumplings are the perfect savory food, muffins are a classic dessert item to end your day. Plus, they look charming, too, meaning that they can remind your crush of just how adorable you think they are. But be warned! Muffin is also slang for female genitalia, so make sure your crush is okay with you using it.

2. Funny Nicknames for Your Crush


Not everyone is big on romance. Some people prioritize a good sense of humor in their relationships. In case you belong in this category, then giving your crush one of the following funny nicknames should be a no-brainer.

• Good-lookin’ — One of the funniest ways to sweep your crush off your feet is to come at them with the phrase ‘what’s cookin’ good-lookin’? It’s a classic pickup line they’ll appreciate if they’re a fan of cheesy rom-coms.

• Pookie bear — There is nothing funnier or more endearing than calling your big, burly boyfriend Pookie bear.

• Hot stuff — Another classic pickup line, this nickname is perfect if you want to tease your crush a bit.

• Sweetcheeks — This nickname is a little on the racier side. If you go for the innocent meaning, then it can refer to your crush’s chubby cheeks. However, if you want to get spicier, then it can also refer to their behind.

• Long legs — If your crush has some killer legs, then this name is the best way to show your appreciation for them.

• Sugar LipsSugar lips can be a sweet and spicy nickname. It can refer to how sweet you think their lips are, or it reflects how good you think their kissing skills are.

• Fruit Cake — As a nickname, Fruit cake is a double-edged sword. If fruit cakes are your favorite dessert, then this nickname shows how sweet and refreshing you think your crush is. However, keep in mind that fruitcake, when spelled as one word, is also derogatory slang for gay men or someone who is crazy.

The nickname can still work if your crush is a wild, daring spirit prone to crazy stunts. However, just make sure they’re okay with you using this nickname and that it’s all in good fun.

• Cookie Monster — One of the most beloved characters on Sesame Street is the iconic Cookie Monster. This giant fuzzy blue monster is characterized by his love of cookies and his funny raspy voice. If this describes your boyfriend, then feel free to use this nickname on him.

• Captain Cuddles — In case your crush has some amazing cuddling skills, then Captain Cuddles is the cutest name you can give them.

• Babycakes — This nickname is a sassy nickname your girlfriend will love if she’s bold and confident.

• Sexy — On its own, sexy seems like a pretty basic nickname. However, depending on how you pronounce it, it can also sound funny. For example, if you exaggerate the e, you will definitely bring a smile to your crush’s face!

• Hottie — Like sexy, this nickname is another classic you can make funny, depending on how you say it.

• Hercules — Fans of racy nicknames will absolutely adore Hercules for their boyfriend. On the one hand, it can be a reference to his large stature and physical strength. However, it can also be a covert way to point to his strength in the bedroom.

• HunkHunk is a funny nickname because it’s so delightfully retro.

• Baby Girl — On its own, this nickname is pretty standard and not funny at all. However, in case your girlfriend is familiar with the erotic movie 365 Days and the subsequent memes it has spawned, she will find it hilarious.

• Misses — Calling your significant other Misses is both funny but also sweet, in a very old-fashioned way.

3. Creative Nicknames for Your Crush


One of the reasons people fall in love is because they share common interests, values, and goals. Therefore a nickname that reflects an inside joke, TV show, or movie that both you and your partner love is a beautiful way to show your bond.

Plus, since they’ll be unique to you, chances are you won’t find many other couples using them. So if you’re sold on a creative nickname for your crush, consider the following ideas:

• Casanova — There is nothing more romantic than naming your boyfriend after one of the world’s most famous lovers. It will also give him an ego boost because it will show him exactly how suave you think he is.

• My Sun and Stars — Game of Thrones may have ended on a terrible note, but it remains a cultural juggernaut. This phrase, in particular, is significant for couples since it’s what Daenerys Targaryen used to call her husband Khal Drogo. So if your boyfriend loves the world of Game of Thrones, he’ll melt if you use this nickname on him.

• Moon of My Life — Another Game of Thrones-inspired nickname, Moon of My Life, is the female equivalent of My Sun and Stars. Therefore, if you want to be the Khal Drogo to your girlfriend’s Daenerys, consider calling her this.

• McDreamy — Fans of Grey’s Anatomy still remember the iconic character Patrick Dempsey played in seasons 1‒11. Nicknamed McDreamy Dempsey’s Dr. Derek Shepherd was called that because everyone on the show thought he was the perfect man. Therefore, there is no clearer way to communicate to your crush that he is the one for you than calling him McDreamy.

• Kid — Calling your crush a kid can sound demeaning and condescending. However, if she’s a fan of the classic movie Casablanca, it could also be a nickname that will make her melt.

• Mr. Big — Possibly the best-known romance on HBO’s Sex and the City is the relationship between Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big. Though the couple had their ups and downs, they eventually got their happy ending in the original show — just like how you and your crush will get your happy ending.

• Padawan — If you and your crush love all things Star Wars, then you’ll love calling each other padawan. This term refers to a Force-sensitive Jedi in training, and it can reflect the mutual love you have for each other and the franchise.

• Romeo — Like Casanova, Romeo is one of the most well-known lovers in literature. Therefore, this is the best name for your boyfriend if you’re a fan of classic literature.

• Juliet — In case you want your girlfriend to be the Juliet to your Romeo, then this is the nickname for her.

• Darcy — Fans of Jane Austen will instantly recognize this iconic name. Though Darcy was initially mean to his love interest, Elizabeth Bennet, he was eventually revealed to have a heart of gold. So, calling your boyfriend by this name is a heart-warming way to let him know that you see beyond his cold exterior.

• Elizabeth — If your girlfriend calls you Darcy, then you simply must call her Elizabeth!

4. Cute Nicknames for Your Crush in Another Language


The English language is chock full of beautiful nicknames for your crush. However, it’s not the only one. Many foreign languages have their own fair share of cute nicknames you can use, even if you don’t speak them.

Plus, speaking another language is just inherently sexy, and an amazing way to sweep your crush off their feet. So, if you want to impress your one and only, here are a few foreign nicknames you can give them.

• Mi vida — Few languages sound as sensual as Spanish. Therefore, going with a Spanish nickname for your crush will score you a few points in the romance department. Mi vida not only sounds incredible, but it also means my life, making it a touching nickname for your partner.

• Amorzinho — This Portuguese word sounds equal parts passionate and beautiful. And it has a similarly exciting meaning, translating to sweetheart.

• Mi corazón — Sweet but simple, mi corazón is a Spanish nickname that means my heart.

• Mon amour — When you think of the language of love, you most likely think of French. In that case, you absolutely can’t go wrong with calling your crush mon amour, which means my love.

• Ma fraise — Another French nickname; this one is on the cuter side. Ma fraise translates to my strawberry.

• Ke aloha — This melodic nickname means beloved in Hawaiian.

• Rodnoy — If your significant other has Russian ancestry, they’ll appreciate this pet name. Rodnoy means dear or darling in Russian.

• Mon ange — The word angel is already beautiful enough in English. However, when you say it in French, it becomes the ultimate weapon for romance. Mon ange translates to my angel and is the surest way to melt your crush’s heart.

• Ma chérie or mon cher — Even if you don’t know a lick of French, you’ve definitely heard both these nicknames. They both translate to my dear, and native speakers use them to refer to someone they cherish. However, when using them, be mindful of the pronouns. Mon is a male pronoun, while ma is the female one. Therefore, when referring to your boyfriend, you’ll use mon cher, while ma chérie is reserved for female partners.

• Cucciolo — Like French, Italian is another language that is heavily associated with sultry romance. However, since cucciolo is Italian for ‘puppy’, this particular nickname has a hint of cuteness to it as well.

• Cara Mia — If you’re looking for a more traditionally romantic Italian nickname for your girlfriend, then cara mia is for you. It translates to my beloved.

• Honigküsse — German gets a bad rap for sounding very harsh. However, this language has a surprising amount of cutesy nicknames you can give your crush. One such is honigküsse which means honey kisses. Just be sure to say the g in Honig as h and properly round your lips when saying ü.

• Liebling — Another simple German nickname, Liebling, translates to darling.

• Elskede — Like German, you wouldn’t expect Danish to have many cute names to call your crush. However, this language is actually pretty heavy on the pet names, with elskede meaning my dear or beloved.

• Mình em / Mình anh — In Vietnamese, when you have deep feelings for someone, you often call them Minh em or Minh anh, for males and females, respectively. Both these terms roughly translate as a part of myself and reflect just how much the other person means to you.

• Nefesim — In English, your significant other is often your reason to live. The same is true in Turkish, except native speakers convey the same sentiment by calling their beloved nefesim. It translates to my breath, implying that your crush is what gives you life.

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