10 Sexy Date Ideas to Spice Up Your Relationship

sexy date ideas

Whether you’re married or you’ve just started dating, you have to constantly think of ways to make your relationship more exciting. This can be a challenge, especially since sexy dating ideas aren’t readily available. So, most of the time you have to think outside the box.

If you’re looking for unique and stimulating ideas for your next date, this article offers you the top 10 sexy date ideas to spice up your relationship.

10 Sexy Date Ideas

1. Taking a Steamy Shower


Sexy dates don’t always have to be enjoyed outdoors. So, if you don’t have the time or money to plan an exquisite candle-lit dinner at an expensive restaurant, you can still make your date kinky inside the house or hotel room by taking a steamy shower with your partner. Just grab your spouse and hop in the shower.

You can put on your favorite soft, kinky songs and put the volume on low so that they can play in the background as you enjoy your steamy shower. Your shower date will be even sexier if you have a removable shower head and you know how to play around with it. You can take turns soaking each other with warm water as you caress and share deep kisses.

2. A Candle-Lit Bubble Bath

If a steamy shower isn’t possible, don’t lose hope. You can still make your indoor date sexy by enjoying a candle-lit bubble bath. Just fill your bathtub with bubbles (bath salts and essential oils, and hop right in with your partner.

You can make the bath even kinkier by throwing some rose petals in the tub. Light several colorful candles and pour yourselves glasses of wine. Soak yourselves in the warm water and enjoy the romantic bath.

3. Sensual Massage

Instead of wasting time and money going to the spa for a massage, you can make your house the best massage parlor for you and your spouse. You just need to get a few candles with some romantic colors and grab the most erotic massage oils. Take turns to give each other sensual massages as you enjoy glasses of your favorite wine.

4. A Romantic Staycation

If you don’t have time or a budget for a vacation in another city or state, you can still make your date romantic by exploring some romantic things to do and places to visit in your own city or town. For instance, you can visit a local zoo or park that you’ve never visited together. Afterward, you can check into your favorite local hotel for a romantic dinner.

5. Role-Playing


Have you ever engaged in role-playing with your spouse? If not, this is a perfect time to try it out. It is a simple and effective way to make things more interesting in your bedroom, especially if you’re already married. You can even take the roleplaying outside, especially if you have a secluded backyard.

If it’s your first time doing this, you might feel a little shy at first. So, don’t rush it. Just take your time and keep it simple. You can even discuss with your partner the kind of roles you’re comfortable with so that it doesn’t feel awkward.

6. A Romantic Wine Tasting Party

Who said a wine tasting party has to have lots of guests? You can host a romantic wine tasting party with your partner in your kitchen or living room. You just need to get a variety of your favorite wines and put together a romantic playlist.

Prepare your favorite meal and have an awesome stay-at-home dinner night. You can even make the night more interesting by choosing a dress code. Since the two of you are the only guests, an underwear-only dress code will be perfect for you.

7. Body Painting


If both of you love fine art, a body painting date night will be perfect for you. Just get a variety of safe body paints and take turns painting each other’s bodies. This is a perfect way to get intimate with your partner as you get to understand each other better. You are likely to discover something new about your partner’s body while painting them.

8. Recreating Your First Date

If you’ve been together for a considerable amount of time, it’s good to go back in time and recreate your first date or any other special occasion. It will rekindle the sweet memories you had on your fairylike first date.

9. Play Strip Poker

After enjoying a delicious meal and a few glasses of wine, play the strip poker or strip monopoly game. It doesn’t matter how you play the game because the game itself isn’t important. You should use the game as an excuse to get naked.

10. Play in the Rain

Have you ever asked yourself why the most popular romantic movies always have numerous scenes of couples kissing and caressing in the rain? It’s because kissing and playing in the rain with your better half is extremely sexy. However, make sure that the rain isn’t accompanied by dangerous hailstones or lightning.

Important Rules for a Sexy Date


Whether you’re going for your first date with your partner or you’ve already had a few dates with them already, there are important rules you have to adhere to. These rules are important because they’ll help you to avoid the common dating pitfalls that many people experience. Here are the main rules for a sexy date.

1. Don’t Get Carried Away

It’s normal to be excited on your first sexy date, but don’t let yourself get carried away by the excitement. You need to stay realistic, especially if it’s your first kinky date with your partner. The idea is to keep your expectations low so that nothing will come as a surprise. It also makes a good date more exciting and a bad date less disastrous.

2. Be Open to Unexpected Ideas

Since the date is supposed to be sexy, your partner may go out of the way to surprise you with some unique sexy date ideas. Therefore, you should keep an open mind to all kinds of ideas. But you should be courteous enough to let your partner know which ideas you are not comfortable with.

3. Don’t Take Your Date Somewhere with So Many Distractions

A sexy date is supposed to be fully intimate. Therefore, it’s a blunder to take your partner somewhere with all kinds of distractions. For instance, as a man, you shouldn’t choose a venue with so many beautiful women because they will distract you. If possible, look for a place that is quiet and less populated so that you can give each other undivided attention.

4. Look Sexy

A good sexy date starts with a sexy outfit. So, don’t go on a date looking like you’ve just dropped from the moon. Even if the weather isn’t suitable for a kinky outfit, there are many ways to make your heavy clothing look sexy. Also, don’t overdo your sexy outfit.

5. Don’t Overindulge

Since wine is an essential piece of a perfect romantic date, make sure you don’t drink yourself silly. Even if you’re married to your partner, it’s wrong to drink excessively while on a romantic date. A few glasses of wine to make you tipsy are enough.

Drinking too much wine will ruin your date because you might end up saying or doing things that will offend your partner. If you are in a bar, you might end up picking up fights with other patrons.

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