What Is A Mommy Kink? Definition, Examples, and More

Role plays, BDSM, and daddy kinks are some of the terms we all have heard while discussing sexual behavior or fantasies. And kinks and fetishes are not as uncommon as we believe, though talking about them can feel taboo at times.

Kink is essentially something that turns you on. It can be the thought of handcuffing your partner or getting handcuffed, calling your partner daddy, or even nurturing them as a mother. Interesting in learning what is a mommy kink? Keep reading.

What Is A Mommy Kink?

Mommy Kink

Mommy kink involves one of the partners offering a nurturing, motherly dynamic and taking care of your partner like their own baby. Those with a mommy kink find the act of caressing your partner’s hair, cuddling them, and kissing their foreheads exciting.

Like every other kink, mommy kink also varies in intensity. It can be as simple as caring for your partner and being there for them to something kinkier like roleplaying with your partner in a diaper and acting like a baby.

Unlike daddy kink where the dominant likes to guide or punish their partners in a sexual way, the dominant in a mommy kink loves and cares for their partners.

How Do I Know If I Have A Mommy Kink?

How Do I Know

Loving and caring for your partner is a common aspect of any relationship, but if you love them in a motherly way or the maternal behavior turns you on, then you might have a mommy kink. You may also have a mommy kink even if you like your partner showing motherly love to you.

To determine whether you have this kink, it is important to know yourself and become familiarized with the concept of kinks. Think about what excites and arouses you. Are the feelings you are experiencing sexual or are they something else? Sometimes, you may feel the need to be loved and cherished by your partner because of a lack of a motherly figure in your life, and that does not have to translate to a kink.

Make sure you do your research on fantasies and kinks to better understand your own sexual desires.

Is It Common To Have A Mommy Kink?


According to a 2017 study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, nearly 47% of 1000 people involved in the study practiced some form of kink and an additional 22% showed an interest or had fantasies in kinks. So, if you have a mommy kink, you are definitely not alone.

Mommy kink is not as widely discussed as BDSM, but it’s a sexual preference and there’s no harm in accepting the fact. Whether you want to act upon it or not is completely your and your partner’s choice.

How To Deal With Having A Mommy Kink

Deal With

#1. Understand What You Feel

Accept the fact that you enjoy experiencing maternal acts of love and are excited by them. The more you are repulsed by the idea of having a kink, the more difficult it would be for you to deal with it.

Try to understand your feelings. What type of feeling do you usually get? Are your feelings towards kinks positive? Is there any particular reason you are experiencing those? Are you ready to experiment with your kinks?

These questions will help you figure out your desires and sexual preferences more accurately.

#2. Talk To Your Significant Other About It

Once you come to terms with your feelings, it’s time to discuss them with your partner. Just like every other sexual activity, kinks are also about consent, communication, and compromise.

Before you act on your kinks, you need to check your partner’s feelings about them. Is your partner okay with you trying new things in bed? If they aren’t familiar with this particular kink, take the time to explain it to them.

Avoid judging them on their initial reactions as this is a pretty sensitive topic to discuss. Be patient and give them time to come to terms with your mommy kink, and then mutually decide how you would like to proceed with it.

Even if they are okay with trying something new, take it slow and ask for consent at every step. And make sure you have a safe word.

#3. Talk To A Professional To Understand It Better

If you are still confused, are struggling to have an honest conversation with your partner, or both you and your partner have some questions about this particular kink, there’s no harm in consulting a professional.

A professional can guide you and help you better understand your feelings and kinks. If the kinks are a result of some childhood trauma or lack of affection, they can help you deal with them accordingly.

Is It Healthy To Have A Mommy Kink?


Kinks are safe as long as they don’t interfere with your life and work and do not cause harm to yourself or others. Mommy kink involves showing love and care and showering your partner with motherly affection. So, if anything, you are loving your partner unconditionally, and there’s no harm in that.

Kinks are about expressing hidden feelings and desires. Having open conversations with your partner about your sexual preferences is known to lead to a healthy relationship.

What is more important while experimenting with kinks is getting consent and establishing boundaries.

If your partner gives you consent to try certain things, it doesn’t imply that they have consented to all things related to your kink. Asking for constant consent and ensuring they are comfortable with every new thing is crucial for maintaining a healthy and safe relationship.

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