89 Freaky Things to Say to Your Girlfriend to Drive Her Wild

freaky things to say to your girlfriend

Whether you are married or dating, your relationship will endure many ups and downs, some of which might even throw you off track for some time. But even with all the challenges that might befall your relationship, you should always find simple ways to keep the fire burning. As a man, you should be able to keep your girlfriend excited and in the right mood.

If you don’t know what to say to your woman to keep her excited, this article will offer you freaky things to say to your girlfriend to drive her wild.

89 Freaky Things to Say to Your Girlfriend


Although it’s important to show your girlfriend how serious you are about the relationship, sometimes she doesn’t want to engage in serious talk. She just wants you to tease her with playful dirty words that will uplift her mood. Saying sensual and sometimes dirty words to your girlfriend helps to spice up the relationship. Here are freaky things to say to your girlfriend to make her go wild.

1. “I want my face between your legs.”
2. “I wish my hands were combing through your hair, pulling it, making you groan with pleasure.”
3. “I can’t stop thinking about how good you feel.”
4. “The sounds you made last time we were in bed made me so weak.”
5. “I just can’t handle myself when I think about going down on you.”
6. “Just the thought of you naked drives me crazy.”
7. “Can’t you tell how horny you make me just by being you?”
8. “My hands, running down your body. I need it.”
9. “I’ve been thinking about being inside of you all day.”
10. “I love the way you taste.”
11. “Tonight, I want you to be in charge.”
12. “I want to strip you down and feel your body from top to bottom.”
13. “Whatever you want me to do to you, I’ll do it.”
14. “The thought of me bending you over the counter won’t leave my mind.”
15. “I want you riding me right now.”
16. “I want my tongue on your clit, making you moan for hours.”
17. “Let me make you feel better than you ever have before.”
18. “Tonight, I am yours. Tell me what you want.”
19. “I need to be careful around you. I just can’t seem to think straight.”
20. “The way you feel beneath me is addicting. I can’t get enough.”
21. “I want you to take charge right now.”
22. “I’m going turn you around and you’re going to take it.”
23. “I can’t help but moan when I’m in your mouth.”
24. “I want to be so deep inside of you.”
25. “You’re so tight, I can’t take it.”
26. “I want to go down on you for hours.”
27. “I want to make you scream from pleasure tonight.”
28. “I’m not gonna eat too much…I need to leave some room since I’m having you for dessert.”
29. “Mmm, I could do this all night.”
30. “I’ve never been this hard before.”
31. “Your body on mine is what I crave.”
32. “Just thinking of you naked drives me wild.”
33. “When I see you I am going to strip you naked and do unspeakable things to you.”
34. “I want to explore every single inch of your body with my mouth.”
35. “If you’re not waiting for me naked in bed right now you’re in the wrong place.”
36. “I’m going to have my way with you and I won’t stop until you’re quivering.”
37. “Can you come over? I have a big hard problem I need help with.”
38. “You would look even better on my bed.”
39. “Your clothes look good on you, but they would make an even better decoration for my bedroom floor.”
40. “I want your ass in my bed.”
41. “I’m gonna tease you until you’re begging for it.”
42. “I just can’t control myself when I think about making love to you.”
43. “I want to use my tongue to make you moan for hours.”
44. “As soon as we get home I’m gonna do unmentionable things to you.”
45. “We should have sex, like, a lot.”
46. “I want to make you feel pleasure greater than anything you ever have before.”
47. “I want to make you squeal from pleasure tonight.”
48. “I’m gonna give you a full body massage, and I’ll save all the best spots for last.”
49. “Work is stressing me out. Send me a sexy picture, I need a little pick-me-up.”
50. “I’m not always horny…except for when I’m around you!”
51. “We should make love. Like right here, right now. Hard, fast. I’ll lay you down, kiss you hard, look you in the eyes and make love to you as you’ve never been made love to before.”
52. “I love the way you moan when we make love.”
53. “You’re sexy, but you’re gonna have to work for this.”
54. “You taste so good.”
55. “You can touch it. I won’t tell.”
56. “I need you to know that my room is a strict no-pants zone, so off with them!”
57. “I want to go down on you for hours, and I’ll only come up for air when you tell me to.”
58. “You’re so hot I just can’t think straight when you’re around.”
59. “This is the pants police. You must surrender immediately for a zipper inspection.”
60. “I’ve never been this turned on before.”
61. “I love it when you take control.”
62. “When you scratch my back with your nails when I’m on top of you, it makes me want to explode.”
63. “I love watching you move when you’re on top of me.”
64. “Say what you want me to do to you and I will.”
65. “I woke up thinking about you, and it got me so unbelievably turned on I ended up a little late for work.”

Sexy Texts for Her That Can Make Her Go Wild


Although calling your girlfriend to let her know the dirty, sensual things on your mind is a great way to tease her, sexting is a better and more effective way to do it. When you call her, she might forget some of the sweat words you said, but with a text, she can read and internalize every word. Here are some of the sexy texts you can send to your girlfriend to make her go wild.

66. “Want to come over tonight? I can’t promise I’ll be good though.”
67. “I have some plans for you tonight.”
68. “What are you wearing tonight?”
69. “Can’t wait till you get here so I can pin you to the wall again while I kiss you.”
70. “You’re just too good with your hands.”
71. “I want you. Now!”
72. “I don’t like sitting here at work when I could be at home doing sexy things to you.”
73. “Why can’t I just be lying beside you in bed instead of studying/working?”
74. “If I could only wear three items of clothing or less tonight, what would you choose for me?”
75. “I cleaned the kitchen today, so I’d have room to make love to you on the table.”
76. “Do you want a back massage, a foot massage, or both?”
77. “I’d put on music, but I don’t want to drown out the sounds of your sexy little moans.”
78. “Do you care if my tongue is between your legs when you wake up in the morning?”
79. “I baked you some dessert, so you can eat it while I eat you.”
80. “Your mind is just as sexy as your tight little body.”
81. “I bought some handcuffs and a blindfold. Should I put them on you or me?”
82. “Tonight is going to be about pleasure and pain.”
83. “I want to hear you breathing in my ear when I make you feel oh-so-good!”
84. “You’re not going to be able to move after I’m finished with you tonight.”
85. “Your heart is going to pulse with complete pleasure tonight.”
86. “I had a hard-on all day because I couldn’t stop thinking of that beautiful face.”
87. “I was thinking about you in the shower this morning!”
88. “I tidied up the bedroom, but I don’t mind if you mess up the sheets with me.”
89. “I will whisper in your ear to make you reach the peak of your pleasure while you dig those sexy nails into my back!”

Why Dirty Talk Is Such an Effective Turn-On?


One of the reasons why it’s important to engage in sensual, dirty talk with your girlfriend is that it shows you how comfortable you are around each other. Relationship experts agree that dirty talk is a sign of a healthy relationship. Also, the sex session becomes more satisfying when your partner whispers dirty sweet nothings to you.

Studies show that about 90 percent of adults feel aroused when they engage in the right dirty talk with their partners. Experts also claim that sensual dirty talk stimulates your hypothalamus and amygdala, which are the erogenous parts of your brain. Remember that your brain is the most powerful sex organ in your body.

If your brain is not properly stimulated, you won’t enjoy sex because your sex organs won’t be completely aroused and you can’t concentrate fully on the act. Therefore, erotic dirty talk with your partner is an important part of your sex life. However, you have to choose your words carefully not to offend your partner during or before sex.

Make sure your dirty talk doesn’t sound too aggressive or too intimate ahead of time. Experts recommend a slow beginning with suggestive, flirty words combined with light touches. For instance, you can start by complementing your girlfriend’s performance during sex and then suggest something better that you’d like to try. After all, sensual dirty talk is considered a form of sex through suggestion.

It is meant to satisfy your desire for intimate and vulnerable conversations, as well as a yearning for sex in a manner that enables you to bond both physically and mentally with your partner. This talk gives you a complicated sexual experience that goes beyond the physical touch by arousing your mind.

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