Girl Talk: 10 Clear Signs He Doesn’t Miss You

signs he doesn't miss you

Do you feel your boyfriend is slipping away, and you aren’t sure why? The burning desire at the start of a relationship doesn’t last forever, and sometimes, the connection you had dies a slow death.

If missing him is a big part of your day, but he apparently doesn’t feel the same, the relationship may have run its course. Consider these 10 signs he doesn’t miss you and compare your boyfriend’s behavior to them to get a clear answer.

10 Signs He Doesn’t Miss You


1. He Doesn’t Really Care to Hear From You

At the beginning of your relationship, you were probably on cloud nine and spent most of your time talking or texting your boyfriend. If that’s all over now and he barely ever initiates communication, there’s a good chance he doesn’t miss you.

When you’re in a happy relationship, you want to hear from the other person and know what they’re up to. But if your guy rarely texts or calls, perhaps the spark between you two has disappeared.

2. He’s Rarely Interested in Your Life

On those rare occasions when you do talk or text your partner, what do you talk about? If you’re the only one who asks questions or takes an interest in what he has to say, your man may just not miss you enough to want to know more about your life.

When a guy has moved on (at least emotionally), his partner can feel in their gut that their conversations aren’t as exciting as they used to be. An honest, quality talk or text ought to exhibit both partners’ keen interest. If one of them lacks it, then the relationship is likely to end soon.

3. He’s Spending More Time With His Friends

Consider how many times you’ve seen your boyfriend in the last month or so. Are you having trouble remembering?

Guys do like to remove themselves from unfavorable situations, so it’s not uncommon for them to start spending more time doing stuff by themselves or with their friends.

As cruel as it may sound, this shows that your boyfriend doesn’t miss you when you’re not together. He prefers the company of anybody else more, which is a signal that you should prepare yourself for a breakup.

4. He Doesn’t Include You in His Big Life Events

Unless you’ve been together for a short time, your boyfriend will make an effort to ensure you are a vital part of his life. He may even introduce you to his parents, friends, and other family members, basically wanting to show you off.

But if you’ve been together for a while now and suddenly, you’re not an active participant in these events, your boyfriend may be trying to distance himself. He clearly doesn’t miss you when something amazing happens to him and perhaps even prefers celebrating without you there.

5. He’s Always Busy, and You’re Never His Priority

Back when you first started dating, you couldn’t wait to see your boyfriend and spend some time with him. Now, it seems he is avoiding you and always has an excuse to cover it up.

Granted, he may really be busy, or he may be trying to focus on himself for a while. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have any time for you.

A simple coffee date doesn’t have to go on for hours, and sending a text takes only a few seconds. If he’s not prioritizing you, at least sometimes, it’s likely he doesn’t miss you whenever he’s not around you.


6. His Body Language Has Changed

If you do see your boyfriend from time to time, how does he act then? Does he show that he missed you with dozens of hugs and kisses, or does he act as if you’re a business partner, or worse, a nuisance?

When you miss someone, your body language can easily confirm that. You want to be as close to that person as possible, and you’re not afraid to initiate a makeup session or even a quick hookup.

If your boyfriend usually seems distant or cold, he may not miss you at all when he’s not with you. Unfortunately, he simply isn’t eager to shower you with love because there’s probably barely any love left.

7. He Doesn’t Care What You Do Together

A boyfriend who has lost all interest in you and doesn’t miss you when you aren’t together is usually unable to plan out dates. He may not care or is too busy to consider all the fun activities you two could take part in.

If he lets you do all the planning and just shows up while being emotionally detached as well, it’s likely that he doesn’t even want to spend time with you.

8. He Cannot Wait to End Your Calls or Dates

Similarly, your boyfriend probably doesn’t miss you if he has no problem cutting your dates short. Even if you have been trying hard to keep his attention, his lack of interest in you will always win.

The same goes for any calls you may have. If he’s trying to distance himself, he may often think of various excuses to end the calls early. He may, however, say that he will call you later. But how often does that really happen?

9. He’s Distracted All the Time

When you’re with your boyfriend, you want to spend some quality time with him, away from all that day-to-day chaos. But if you find that he is constantly distracted, he may not feel the same way.

One of the telltale signs that he doesn’t miss you is when he seems very distant over the phone or even in person. If he’s always checking his messages, doesn’t mind taking calls, and barely pays attention to you, he probably didn’t miss you as much as you missed him.

10. He Never Says It

And finally, there’s the most obvious sign of all. When you are in a loving relationship, expressing love and tenderness almost every day is genuinely expected. If that doesn’t happen whenever you’re with your boyfriend or while simply talking to him, then it’s likely he doesn’t feel all those things.

Bottom line? When your boyfriend wants to spend time with you, he’ll say it AND try to clear his schedule to see you. If he doesn’t, then it’s obvious that he doesn’t care so much and might even want for both of you to finally move on.

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