5 Practical Gifts To Give To Your Friend Who’s Moving In A New House    

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Are you having a hard time finding the perfect gift for your best friend who just moved into her new home? Well, I understand all your struggles as I and all my friends have recently stepped into adulthood and have faced a very similar dilemma. Every month someone was moving into a new apartment and we were all out of ideas as to what is the best and most practical gift that can actually be put to good use!

Especially after spending so much money on getting a new place, your friends do deserve something that is worth using. My top favorite has always been kitchen appliances, whether your friend is a foodie or not they are definitely going to use it. 

You can buy kitchen gifts in the store or order them online. Recently, it has become more popular to order online, then you can save time.

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With some months of practical research and a lot of shopping trips, I have my top 5 practical gifts for a friend who’s just moved into a new home! 

1. All In One Air Fryer 

Air Fryers have been all the hype for the last two years especially because of the continually advancing technology which not only cooks your food to perfection but it will also toast and warm as per the setting you choose. For deep-fried food lovers, the air fryer will use only a small amount and make the food just as crisp!

And for health enthusiasts, the baking, broiling, and baking functions will be the best. From veggies to protein everything can be cooked in this which means that all the time being wasted in the kitchen can now be used to set the house as soon as possible. Get your friend the perfect gift by looking through the list of best air fryers available now and we’re sure you can find something in your budget. 

2. Smart Kettle 

With this device, your friend’s early morning ritual will be less haphazard and the kitchen will definitely be more aesthetically appealing! This gift maybe a little on the expensive side but have you ever taken your coffee to go and then when you were driving it was too cold for you to drink it? Smart Kettles allow you to choose an optimum temperature for your water which means it can now be not too hot or too cold!

Some kettles even feature a brew type for different types of beverages and adjust water temperature according to the type of beverage selected. Make sure you get a BPA-free variant and one that allows a staggered release of steam. 

3. Coffee Machine 

Who doesn’t love coffee? This may easily be the top favorite and practical gift to give to anyone, not just your friends. If your budget allows, you can get a top-notch machine that will make the most premium coffee!

As this is going to go in your friend’s new home, one factor that you should definitely keep in mind is the aesthetic appeal of the coffee maker along with its technical specifications. You may want to compromise on the capacity of the coffee machine if your friend is living alone because that will make the price go down and you may be able to get a better machine with better brewing qualities. 

4. Mini Non-Stick Waffle Maker 

If your budget does not allow getting a high-end one your friend will be good with a mini waffle maker as well. If they are one of those people who have a perfect morning routine and love to cook their own breakfast this may be their favorite gift.

You may also be able to find a cute little heart-shaped waffle maker if you want to give a memorable and cutesy gift to someone special. Don’t get confused with all the available options in the market. All you need is a non-stick pan with some basic programming functions. 

5. Stand Mixer 

Have you ever looked at those beautiful red Stand Mixers in Master Chef that instantly elevate the kitchen? Even if your friend is an occasional baker, a stand mixer can become part of every kitchen because of the aesthetic appeal it doesn’t need to be stored in cupboards! They can just display this machine on their countertop and add more style to their kitchen. We recommend that you spend your money on a quiet motor that is powerful and user-friendly so that your friend has a machine that they can actually use for a long long time!

Instead of buying expensive bottles of wines that are going to be gone after one fun night we always recommend getting thoughtful and practical gifts that will help your loved ones build houses into homes! 


Gretchen Walker
Gretchen is a homemaker by day and writer by night. She takes a keen interest in life as it unfolds around her and spends her free time observing people go about their everyday affairs.